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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 402

The air pressure around Jean was low. There was only disgust on his stern face, and his hostility against Joanna was visible.

He kicked Joanna away fiercely and looked at her with a terrifying aura like a devil.

"How dare you beg me for mercy? You poisoned my mom! It's my greatest forbearance not to kill you! Since you do it, you must bear the consequences. Don't think of getting my forgiveness! As for the treatment, don't you feel ashamed to mention it? Beauvort Group allocated so many funds to you in the past. How much did you contribute to my illness? I would still be lying on the bed if Neera didn't treat me. How dare you take credit?"

After speaking, he retracted his leg and looked away as if he thought it would be dirty to look at Joanna.

"Ian, call the police!" Jean ordered coldly.

Ian nodded seriously. "Yes, Sir."

Joanna was desperate. She crawled over palely, grabbed Ian's arm, and stopped him.

"No! Don't call the police! Mr. Ian, don't send me to the police! Please intercede for me! At least I've devoted myself to treating Mr. Beauvort! Please help me!"

She knew that if she entered the police station, the police would suspect her of intentional homicide!

Anyone knew this crime was severe. Coupled with the means of the Beauvort Group, even if she escaped and survived, the rest of her life would be over in prison!

Ian frowned and was full of contempt. He shook her off without any sympathy.

"Joanna, I warned you a long time ago. When working with Mr. Beauvort, you should know what you should not think about! But what have you done? How dare you attack Madam! What happened to you is completely your fault! If Mr. Beauvort didn't deal with you according to the procedure, I would throw you into the wilderness to feed the wolves!"

Joanna fell to the ground and cried. She looked embarrassed and ridiculous. But Joanna no longer cared about her image and crawled to Jean again. She kept crying and begging.

"Mr. Beauvort, please forgive me! I know I was wrong! I regret it! I'm willing to atone for my crime. You can punish me whatever you want! Please don't send me to the police!"

Jean did not want to pay attention to her, and his eyes were full of disgust. He shouted angrily, "Ian, what are you doing? Drag her out!"

Ian did not dare to be negligent. He hurriedly ordered the bodyguards to pull Joanna away and dragged her out of the ward.

In the chaos, Neera watched Joanna coldly. She had no sympathy for Joanna's fate. As Ian said, it was Joanna's fault to get such a consequence!

Joanna caught a glimpse of Neera, and a sudden outburst of rage engulfed her.

It's all because of Neera! If it weren't for this b*tch, I wouldn't become like this! D*mn it!

Joanna suddenly struggled violently and bit Ian's hand hard.

Ian felt the pain, and his hand relaxed a little. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Joanna scratched at the bodyguard on the other side and finally broke free.

"Neera! It's all your fault! If you hadn't married into the Beauvort family, how could I make such a plan? If you hadn't ruined my plan, how could I become miserable? You're the culprit! Go die!"

Joanna seemed to have lost her mind and looked like a mad woman with a hideous expression. She took a pen from her pocket, held the nib, and rushed forward like a deadly ghost. She wanted to stab Neera!

Neera did not expect Joanna not to give up and suddenly go crazy.

Seeing Joanna rushing to her, she was stunned, could not react for a while, and forgot to dodge.

Fortunately, Jean reacted quickly. He stepped forward and hugged Neera into his arms to protect her tightly.

At the same time, he fiercely kicked Joanna away!


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