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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 408

The triplets got used to Marnie's harsh words. They did not care about it but took the initiative to comfort Adriana.

"Grandaunt, it's okay. We don't need to care about what an outsider says!"

"Yes, we only need to know we're Mommy's babies!"

The implication was that Marnie was an outsider to them. They would not take her words seriously.

Upon hearing that, Marnie immediately became angry. "Is it how Neera educated you all? You have no manners!"

Sammy frowned and refuted, "We're only polite to educated people!"

"You little b*stard! How dare you say I'm uneducated?"

Harvey stepped forward, protected Sammy and Penny behind him, and faced the scowling Marnie. "We didn't say that."

He was calm, and his aura was not inferior to that of adults. "What we said is correct. We're unfamiliar with you. You don't need to scold us every time you see us! As an adult, don't you feel ashamed to bully children?"

Harvey had always been sensible and treated his elders with courtesy, but thinking of Marnie's attitude toward Neera, he could not be polite to Marnie.

Marnie was furious and pointed at him speechlessly.

The atmosphere was a little stiff, and Roxanne's expression darkened.

Seeing Adriana defending Neera so much, she was naturally unhappy. But she knew it was not the time to worry about these things.

She was still counting on Adriana to make a fortune, so she was unwilling to argue with Adriana.

Turning her mind around, she immediately smiled, leaned over intimately, and took the initiative to hold Adriana's arm.

"Aunt Adriana, Grandma misses you too much. That's why she lost her temper with you. Don't take it seriously. Since you're back, come back with us! Dad and Mom must be happy to see you. We can have a reunion dinner!"

Adriana glanced at Roxanne blankly and saw through Roxanne's disguise.

Roxanne was too young and could not hide what she was thinking. She was too hypocritical and was not innocent!

Adriana did not show any expression but pulled her hand away without any trace and said lightly, "I'll go back, but not today."

Seeing Adriana's attitude, Marnie became even angrier and glared at her.

"Not today? You should go home now! You've learned a lot of foreign things and forgotten the rules, don't you? When do you want to delay?"

Adriana pretended not to see Marnie's anger and made a decision. "I'll go back tomorrow."

Marnie snorted coldly. "Tomorrow? Who knows if you'll use any excuses to refuse to go back?"

Adriana looked calm. "It doesn't matter. Anyway, I'll go back tomorrow."

"You!" Marnie felt Adriana contradicted her and was pissed off.

Roxanne was overjoyed. Fearing that Marnie would say something harshly, she hurried to speak.

"Aunt Adriana, you must have a reason for making such an arrangement. I know that you always keep promises. I'll pick you up tomorrow."

Adriana refused, "No, I'll go back by myself."

She looked at the silent triplets, then said, "Mom, I'll leave with the triplets first."

Marnie looked unhappy, ignored Adriana, and snorted coldly. Then, she turned and walked inside.

Roxanne smoothed things over with a smile. "Grandma is getting older. Her temper has become like a child. Aunt Adriana, please don't mind. You must come tomorrow! We're waiting for you at home! We'll make your favorite food!"

Adriana nodded indifferently and left the cafe with the triplets.


Neera arrived home on time to have dinner with Adriana and the triplets. After dinner, Adriana called Neera, "Follow me to the study. I have something to tell you."

Neera nodded and followed Adriana upstairs. After entering the study, Adriana gave Neera the share transfer agreement. "Sign it."

Neera froze for a moment. "This is..."

Adriana lifted her chin. "You'll know after looking at it. I commissioned someone to draw up this agreement while abroad. It'll come into effect after you sign it."

Hearing what Adriana said, Neera guessed it.

Sure enough, the agreement stated that Adriana transferred most of her assets to Neera and the triplets!


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