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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 409

The content surprised Neera. She thought Adriana was joking before, but she did not expect Adriana to be serious!

"Aunt Adriana, you're still young. You don't need to make a decision so early. If you give me everything..."

She was a little moved but did not want to accept it. It was all Adriana's hard work!

Adriana did not care at all.

"If I don't give it to you, who else can I give it to? I've already made this decision. Since I won't change my mind, it's better to decide earlier. In case something happens to me in the future..."

"Aunt Adriana!" Neera did not like Adriana to say unlucky words the most and interrupted quickly, "Don't talk nonsense! You'll live a long life. I'll take care of you!"

Adriana smiled softly. "I know you're filial. You're kind to me, so I must consider everything for you."

As Adriana spoke, she remembered what happened in the afternoon.

"I ran into your grandma and Roxanne this afternoon. I can't delay going back. So I told them I'll go back tomorrow. I know their purpose is ANXIN Group. I worry they'll make trouble since they're staring at it intently. You should sign it in advance. Just accept it. I still count on you to give me a pension."

Neera knew she could not stop Adriana, so she had no choice but to sign. She suddenly felt she had another responsibility.

From now on, the ANXIN Group would belong to her. It was Adriana's painstaking effort. She must protect it well and do her best to manage it!

"Aunt Adriana, are you going back to the Garcia Manor tomorrow? I worry about you..."

The Garcia family would make things difficult for Adriana!

Adriana smiled and gave Neera a reassuring look. "Don't worry. I can handle it."

Hearing that, Neera had no choice but to nod. "Okay, you must come back. I'll wait for you."

Adriana saw Neera's nervousness and felt amused. "Why did you act like I'll never come back..."


The next day, after sending the triplets to school, Neera called Jean. "Are you in the hospital?"

Jean said, "Yes. Do you want to come?"

"Yes." Neera got into the car and fastened her seat belt. "I'm going to see your mom."

"Okay, take your time on the way here. Don't worry."

Twenty minutes later, Neera arrived at the hospital.

Kyra was also there. Seeing Neera, Kyra smiled friendly and said politely, "Ms. Garcia, thanks for coming to see Aunt Wrenn."

Others would not think her words meant anything, but Neera could see Kyra behaving like the Beauvort family's hostess.

She ignored Kyra, smiled meaningfully, and checked on Wrenn's situation.

Since being passed out by Joanna's anger, Wrenn had only woken up briefly once and had been in a coma the rest of the time.

After the inspection, Neera's complexion suddenly became solemn.

She discovered that the toxin in Wrenn's body was spreading faster than expected.

Wrenn's chest already turned purple, and the toxin had invaded the subcutaneous part.

She predicted that Wrenn would last a week. But things did not look good right now.

After tidying up Wrenn's clothes, Neera opened the curtain and told the situation without hiding anything.

Jean's pupils shrank. "How long can my mom last?"

Neera pursed her lips slightly. "Originally, I predicted that the toxin would take about a week to invade her heart, but now she can only last for another two days. If we can't develop the antidote within these two days, her situation will be serious!"


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