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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 412

After Neera retorted, she no longer paid any attention to her but turned to look at Jean.

The man had taken the initiative to approach her. He asked solemnly, "How is it going?"

Frederic also rose to his feet. Anxiety was written all over his face, and his eyes were brimming with hope.

He asked, "Neera, what is the situation? Has the antidote been developed?"

Neera nodded in response and took out the antidote from her bag.

She reassured them, "Yes, we succeeded. Relax, our team has run rigorous tests to validate it. I don't doubt that it's capable of neutralizing the poison in her body."

When Frederic saw the syringe, his wrinkled face twitched several times. His eyes had turned red, and the old man was on the verge of tears.

"That's amazing! It's wonderful!" he exclaimed.

He breathed out a deep breath and suppressed his excitement, uttering, "Neera, we owe it to you."

Jean's cold demeanor had relaxed a little. He finally revealed his first smile in days. His smile was faint but warm.

He said, "I have faith that you could do it."

Neera pressed her lips together and said, "I didn't do it on my own. Anyway, we're lucky to have discovered the cure."

She glanced at her wrist and quickly added, "Now is not the time for this. Before I administer the antidote, I need to perform surgery to remove the poisonous blood from her body. Can you get me an attending physician? Time is running out, and we need to get her to the operating room now."

"Okay," Jean responded, then cast a glance his way.

Ian got the message. He immediately strode out from the ward and brought the doctor over shortly.

Neera wasted no time and straight away informed the doctor of the plan.

The doctor listened in surprise. He subconsciously looked at the father and son.

Jean instructed in a deep voice, "Do as she says. We will take responsibility for whatever consequences befall her."

The doctor had to comply.

Soon, Wrenn was wheeled into the operating room.

Meanwhile, Neera went to the sterile room to prepare herself.

Jean was supporting his father in the operating room. Both suppressed their anxiousness and waited quietly.

Ten minutes later, the red light above the operating room lit up.

Jean lifted his eyes and stared at that red light for a long time. His knitted brows never relaxed for a second.

He was worried for both his mother and Neera. He had observed that Neera didn't look well. She must have worn out from developing an antidote for his mother.

Considering this, he felt a sting in his heart and felt deeply sorry for her.

Not far behind him stood Dandy and Kyra. The two wore expressions of gloom and displeasure.

They were astounded that Neera was so competent as to develop the antidote. Their previous hopes had shattered.

The two were slightly upset that Joanna's self-sabotaging actions had failed. Instead, the situation gave Neera a significant advantage.

Despite their resentment, Kyra knew this was not the time to show any dissatisfaction toward Neera.

In light of this, she knew she needed to remain calm. She looked at Jean, who was tense.

She moved closer to him and soothed in a soft voice, "Aunt Wrenn will be alright. Don't worry about it."

Jean gave her the cold shoulder, totally ignoring her.

Two hours later, the red light above the operating room had turned off.

The door finally opened.

Neera showed up in a blue surgical robe and mask. She walked out of the room while removing her surgical gloves.

Frederic and Jean immediately walked up to her and asked worriedly.

"How is it? Is the poison being neutralized? Is she okay?"

Neera's complexion was pale, and her lips were dry. She licked her lips and said in a weak voice, "Yeah, the poison has been completely flushed out, but she's not out of danger yet. We need to give it some time for the antidote to take effect. It's not a big deal; she should recover completely with good rest. You can relax now!"

Neera experienced a wave of nausea and dizziness after hearing a buzzing noise suddenly fill her ears.

Her vision black out.

Her consciousness faded and collapsed to the ground.


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