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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 411

Philbert noticed that Neera seemed off and quickly approached her, asking with concern, "Hey, what's going on? Are you alright?"

Snapping back to the present, Neera tried to smile, replying, "I'm okay. I just got a little dizzy from standing up too fast."

Recognizing her urgency, Philbert got straight to business. He headed to the workbench, prepared the antidote as per the formula, and handed it to her.

"This is the antidote. Be careful with it for the patient. But..."

He cast a glance at her and expressed his concern, "Hey, you look tired. Can you hold on? Are you

sure you can handle what's next? We have surgery to attend to, and you need to remove the poisoned blood from the patient's body. This surgery's going to be a long one. You look very pale. Maybe..."

Neera knew that he was just looking out for her, but she gently declined.

"Phil, you're tired from this research too, please get some rest. I can handle this. I'm going back to the hospital now. I owe you big time for this."

She then addressed the room, saying, "Thanks, everyone. I wouldn't have made it without you all."

"Ms. Garcia, don't sweat it. We're a team, it is only right that we work together on this!"

Everyone chuckled warmly.

Philbert grinned and urged, "It's fine, enough with the formalities. Get going before it's too late."

Nodding, Neera quickly packed up and rushed to the hospital.


At the hospital, Frederic and Jean had a grave expression as they stood on both sides of Wrenn's bed.

Dandy and Kyra were also there.

Growing worried, Dandy asked, "How much longer can she hold on? If we did nothing and kept waiting, she might..."

Kyra touched her arm to interrupt her. Later, she walked up to Jean and suggested, "Aunt Wrenn's condition seems to be deteriorating. Maybe we should get the doctor's opinion while we wait? Nothing is going to happen for us to wait here."

She knew that Jean was waiting for Neera. When Wrenn's condition deteriorated, she wasn't upset but secretly anticipated that things would worsen.

If Neera couldn't develop the antidote in time or if it was too late to save Aunt Wrenn, he'd likely blame Neera, even if it wasn't her fault. He might have lost trust in her for failing to keep her promise.

Kyra's eyes flickered. She couldn't resist smirking inwardly.

Frederic wore a stern expression, felt Kyra had a point, and pressed the call button.

Soon, the doctor arrived. He looked grave after examining Wrenn's condition.

Seeing this, Frederic became gloomy. He swallowed hard and mustered the courage to ask, "How is it? How much longer can my wife hold on?"

The doctor shook his head and sighed regretfully, "Her vitals are extremely weak. She doesn't have much time. I know it's hard, but please prepare yourself."

Upon hearing this, the room fell silent.

Jean clenched his fists. His aura darkened.

Frederic's complexion turned horrifyingly pale, as if all life had been drained from him.

Dandy angrily exclaimed, "She's perfectly fine before, that Joanna...deserves to suffer a horrible death!"

She glanced at Jean and directed her frustration at Neera.

"And what about Neera? Can she deliver the antidote or not? She promised us the world, so why hasn't she developed the antidote yet? If we had known, we would have looked for a more reliable expert. Wrenn might have had a chance! But now..."

She kept rambling.

Annoyed, Jean shot her a cold, piercing glance. He retorted sharply, "Think you could've done better?"

His query was harsh, leaving Dandy at a loss for words and embarrassed.

Trying to defuse the tension, Kyra stepped in. She said, "Don't be angry. My mother didn't mean that, she was just deeply worried after seeing Aunt Wrenn in this condition, perhaps more than anyone else. Please don't take it to heart."

Jean ignored her and treated this woman as non-existent, but he withdrew his piercing glance.

Kyra persisted and subtly planted seeds of doubt.

"However, solely depending on Ms. Garcia without a backup plan is risky," she pointed out.

"After all, she never guaranteed success; she only pledged to do her best. If she fails, Aunt Wrenn's life might be in danger. We are in a passive position now."

"That's right! Kyra has a point!"

Dandy chimed in with a strange tone and continued to slander Neera.

She continued, "Moreover, you can't always put your wife before your family. You can't neglect your mother after you get married. Have you forgotten that your mother disliked Neera and had reservations about her? Neera might harbor resentment and purposely delay the timing to harm your mother."

The implication behind her speech was blunt.

Kyra subconsciously grabbed her hand, signaling her to tone it down.

Jean had heard enough, he looked mad. His patience with Dandy had reached its limit.

Just as he was about to unleash his anger, the door swung open.

A slender figure appeared in the doorway.

Neera inquired icily as she entered the ward, "Is baseless speculation the way of Fains? Do you have any other skills besides doing nothing and making irrational accusations?"

Her voice was cold, and her gaze was colder.

Dandy was rendered speechless and flushed with embarrassment. She was surprised that Neera had shown up on time.


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