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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 414

After Jean bandaged her wound, he tucked her hand back under the blanket and adjusted her quilt.

After he had done all that, he covered himself with the blanket and dozed off in the chair.

Neera continued to sleep until the next afternoon.

Worried that something might have happened to her, Jean sent Ian to get the doctor.

In the face of Jean's cold expression, the doctor became so nervous that sweat broke out on his forehead. He quickly conducted a thorough examination on Neera.

After reconfirming her condition, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He reported, "Ms. Garcia is suffering from extreme fatigue. She fell into a deep sleep because she hadn't rested well for a long time. That's all. She'll wake up once she has had enough sleep."

"Are you sure she's not sick?"

"Yes, I'm positive!"

Jean was relieved after he reassured for the third time that Neera was fine.

The doctor started to update him on Wrenn's condition. He said, "Madam is out of danger now. She can be transferred to the general ward later."

Jean nodded in response. He felt a weight had lifted from his heart.

After the doctor left, he informed his father of the good news.

"Really?" Frederic was ecstatic over the phone, he hurriedly said, "Great, this is great news! I'll be right there!"

Jean replied with a smile, "Take your time. Mom hasn't eaten for a while, and she should eat something light after she wakes up. Can you prepare some soup and bring it to the hospital?"

"Yes! Yes! Certainly!"

Overjoyed, Frederic agreed to everything his son instructed before hung up the phone. Then he rushed to the kitchen and instructed the chef to prepare the food.

By evening, Neera was still unconscious.

Her phone rang at this time.

Jean picked it up and saw that the caller's ID was 'Teacher'.

He answered the call decisively, "Hello."

The caller was taken aback when she heard a male voice. It took her a while to recover her composure.

She asked, "Hi, isn't this Harvey Mommy's phone? Are you… their father?"

Jean glanced at the young woman lying on the hospital bed, he didn't deny this.

The teacher continued, "Oh! This is perfect, I can talk to you too. The kids are still at school, and nobody has come to pick them up. Is something holding you up? Roughly when might you be able to pick them up?"

Checking his watch, Jean realized it was way past school hours.

I think Auntie Zuniga must have gone to take care of her husband. Neera hadn't had time to make alternative arrangements. So, no one is picking up the kids.

Jean replied, "I'm sorry, something did come up. I'll pick them up now. Please wait for a little longer."

After he hung up, he sent Ian to pick the children up.

The triplets were waiting at the school gate. They were surprised to see Ian get out of the car.

"Mr. Assistant, why are you picking us up? Where's Mommy?"

Ian explained everything to them.

They grew worried about their mother when they learned she had passed out.

Penny's eyes started to well up with tears, asking, "Mommy must be too tired! How is she? Is she okay? Has she woke up?"

Ian gently patted their heads to comfort them when he noticed how anxious the children were.

"She's fine. She hasn't woken up yet, but the doctor said she sleeps longer than usual because she's too tired."

The triplets finally relaxed and proudly praised their mother.

"Mommy is the best! She had defeated the poison and saved Grandma's life!"

Ian grinned and agreed, "Yes, she did. Would you like to see her in the hospital?"

The triplets nodded eagerly and obediently followed him into the car.

Upon arriving at the hospital and parking the car, Ian held the triplets' hands as he led them upstairs.

Surprisingly, they bumped into Frederic in the elevator!

"Mr. Frederic!" Ian stammered as he greeted him with a choppy voice.

Frederic raised his brows when he saw them. He immediately sensed that the children looked familiar. He began to ponder where he might have seen them before.

The triplets were the first to warmly greet him.

"Grandpa, we've met again! We met you at the Imperial Gardens before. Do you remember? Grandma fell at the time!"


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