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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 415

Upon reflection, Frederic remembered his previous encounter with the triplets.

They are such well-mannered children, I'm fond of them. Why are they here with Ian?

He looked at Ian in puzzlement and asked, "They are…?"

Ian mustered the courage and replied, "They are…Ms. Garcia's children."

As soon as he said this, he quickly lowered his gaze, fearing Frederic would get mad.

Frederic paused momentarily upon hearing this. He fixed his gaze on the triplets, taking a moment to process the information. He then realized that they were Neera's children.

"They've grown up now," he murmured, his eyes reflecting a mix of emotions.

He had previously encountered the triplets and was deeply fond of them. The thought had once crossed his mind about how wonderful it would be if they were his own flesh and blood.

Now, facing the reality that they were indeed family but not connected by blood, He was overwhelmed with complicated emotions, struggling with the countless thoughts in his mind.

The triplets noticed his slightly creased brows. The children blinked their eyes and pretended they didn't know anything.

"Mr. Assistant, you know Grandpa? What a coincidence!"

Ian cringed. He cleared his throat and whispered, "Yes, we know each other. This is Mr. Beauvort's father, Frederic Beauvort."

The triplets feigned their surprise, drawing out the end of their sentences in playful exaggeration.

"Oh? Really? That means we share a deeper bond with Grandpa, right?"

Frederic softly grunted in response but said nothing more.

Ian's heart was trembling in fear. He was astounded that the kids had already met Frederic.

The triplets, on the other hand, were very outgoing and started to ask about Wrenn.

"We heard Uncle Jean's mom was admitted to the hospital. Is she getting better now?"

"Yeah! Has Grandma recovered yet?"

"We're worried about her!"

The children each expressed their thoughts.

Frederic felt strangely delighted. He replied, "She's better now. Your mother has been a great help."

The triplets beamed with pride upon hearing his gratitude towards their mother.

They were sincerely happy for Wrenn, too.

"Hehe! Mom's a doctor, after all. Saving lives is her duty. As long as Grandma gets better, that's what matters most."

As they chatted, the elevator doors opened. They exited, one after another.

Upon reaching the ward, they unexpectedly bumped into Jean.

He was on his way out to answer a phone call.

Seeing them, Jean was rather surprised. He wondered, "Dad, how come...why are all of you here together?"

Ian rushed over as though he had seen a lifeline, positioning himself next to Jean. He clarified respectfully, "We just ran into each other in the elevator."

The triplets greeted Jean warmly, saying, "Hello, Uncle Jean!"

Penny stepped forward and gazed at him hopefully. She asked, "How is my mommy doing? Is she awake?"

Jean gently patted her cheek and answered softly, "Not yet; she's still sleeping."

Hearing this, Frederic couldn't help but ask, "She hasn't woken up since yesterday! Why is she sleeping for such a long time? Have you gotten a doctor to check on her? Are you sure she's okay?"

Jean nodded and explained, "Yes, the doctor said she's exhausted and has fallen into a deep sleep. She'll wake up after she has had enough rest."

The triplets were relieved and grinned happily.

"Grandpa, it's okay. Mommy always sleeps a long time when she's tired. Don't worry. She'll be fine once she wakes up."

Hearing the explanation, the father and son let out a sigh of relief.

"In that case, I won't disturb you all further."

Frederic looked towards Jean and said, "I need to check on your mother. You should take care of the children."

Jean raised an eyebrow in astonishment. It never crossed his mind that his father would ask him to take care of the triplets. Nonetheless, he nodded in acknowledgment.


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