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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 416

After his father left, Jean took the kids to Neera's ward.

The triplets were distressed upon seeing their mother's pallid face. They silently stood by her bed, saying nothing.

Jean didn't intervene. Casting a brief look at the still-sleeping Neera, he softly made his way to the couch, settled down, and patiently awaited her awakening.

Neera finally woke up around eight at night. Her eyelids fluttered several times before she fully opened her eyes.

The kids noticed right away. Their gazes were filled with anxiety and anticipation, as it's glued in her.

"Mommy, you're up! How do you feel?"

"Are you tired? You've been out for so long. You must be hungry. Do you want to get up and eat something?"

"Mom, Harvey's right. Eat something before you go back to sleep. You're pale. I think you are tired."

The voices of the children chimed and echoed in her ears, slowly drawing Neera's awareness back to the present.

She was still in a haze, and she had a blank look on her face.

Confused, she murmured, "Where am I...?"

Jean rose from the couch and walked over. He replied, "Don't you remember? After completing the surgery on my mother, you fainted. You have been sleeping till now."

Those scenes immediately emerged in her mind. Neera finally realized her whereabouts.

Some clarity returned to her eyes. With a raspy voice, she inquired, "How long was I out?"

"More than a day," Jean replied softly.

"What? Really? What's the time now?"

"You fainted yesterday. It's now just after eight in the evening."


Neera tried to sit up, but her body felt weak. Indeed, the prolonged sleep had taken a toll on her.

Sensibly, Harvey helped her and placed a cushion behind her to prop her up comfortably.

Jean, observing her dry lips, swiftly poured a glass of water. He felt the water's temperature before handing it to her.

"You've worked hard for the sake of my mother," he said.

Neera took the glass and whispered, "Thank you."

She then lowered her head and took a few sips.

It was quite a surprise for her to have slept for such a long time.

Her gaze shifted from the triplets to Jean. She asked, "How is your mother now?"

Witnessing her immediate concern for his mother upon regaining consciousness, a warm feeling welled up inside Jean, and he couldn't help but smile.

"She's stable now and has been shifted to the room next door. Don't worry."

"I'm glad to hear that," she responded.

She was about to ask why the children were there, but her stomach growled loudly.

Her cheeks flushed slightly. Neera touched her stomach and remarked with a hint of embarrassment, "I've slept for such a long time. I'm starving. Do we have any food?"

Grinning, Jean responded, "I anticipated that you'd wake up hungry, so I had prepared some food in advance."

He fetched the insulated container resting on the coffee table.

The triplets, being very considerate, set up a makeshift table for their mother.

As Jean unveiled the contents of the container and arranged them nicely. It was still warm and smelled delicious.

Neera took a whiff and commented, "That smells wonderful. Let me freshen up a bit first."

After a brief cleanup, she ate her meal.

Halfway through her meal, her attention reverted to the kids, "Wasn't Aunt Adriana supposed to fetch you?"

Logically speaking, Adriana should have returned to the Garcias today and come back by evening. She pondered why Jean had taken up that responsibility? Has something happened to Adriana?

The triplets shook their heads.

"We've no idea. We thought she would pick us up, but we didn't see her, and she didn't pick up her phone. So, our teacher had to call Uncle Jean."

Of course, they had ulterior motives for doing so. The children didn't want to miss any chance to be with their dad.

These thoughts did not occur to Neera. She was worried about Adriana. The Garcias were vile, and she worried they might be giving Adriana a hard time.

She was about to call, but Adriana beat her.

"Aunt Adriana, where are you now?" she asked immediately.

Adriana's voice quickly came through, saying, "I just got home. I'm the one that should be asking you that! Are you still at the research center? Where are the kids? Did you pick them up?"

Neera hesitated for a moment before telling her the truth, "I'm in the hospital. The kids are with me."

When she heard 'hospital', Adriana became anxious. She couldn't help but raise her voice a little.

She asked, "Hospital? What happened? How did you end up in the hospital?"

Neera quickly soothed her, saying, "Don't worry. I'm fine. I just performed surgery and was drained afterward. I'm just sleeping."

Adriana sighed in relief, "You give me a good scare! Send me your address. I'll get there now!"


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