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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 424

Her question caused the trio's expressions to turn sour.

Marnie couldn't hold back, raised her voice, and scolded, "Who do you think you are? I want my daughter to come back home. What business is it of yours?"

Neera gave her a faint smile, not showing the old woman any respect.

She replied, "I may not have a say, but this is my house. As the owner, do I need to worry about what I should say on my own turf? You came here uninvited, but I haven't kicked you out right away. I consider this showing you a lot of respect."

Marnie was so furious that her hands were shaking visibly. She chided, "You...you...you have gone too far!"

Susan was livid and felt like slapping Neera. However, she forced herself to calm down for the sake of her goal.

She tried to soothe Marnie, saying, "Mom, you know how she's always been. Why bother arguing with her? We're here for Adriana, not to pick a fight. You should take a deep breath and not let anger affect your health. Don't make things difficult for Adriana, okay?"

Mrs. Garcia reluctantly suppressed her anger with this reminder.

She turned her gaze at Adriana and said, "You went abroad by yourself. You were gone for years, but we never held it against you! Now that you have returned, you will never come home to see us. Your mother has to come all the way here to bring you home. You're such a dutiful daughter!"

Her harsh scolding was meant to take advantage of Adriana's guilt and force her to come home.

However, Adriana stood her ground.

"You don't have to persuade me. I'm comfortable here. It's spacious, and the kids are here. If Neera gets busy, I can help her look after the children. I'll visit you every day, but I won't move in."

"You… How can you be so heartless? Ingrate! All of you are ungrateful ingrates! I've wasted all these years raising you!"

Marnie was furious. She was on the verge of lashing out at Adriana.

As tensions rose, Roxanne stepped in, trying to mediate between the two.

"Grandpa and Grandma had you in their thoughts for years. Now that you've returned, if you decide not to stay with them, it'll break their hearts. They haven't had restful sleep lately. Grandma's health is deteriorating. Please consider that they are getting old and spend more time with them."

Adriana didn't respond.

Marnie's fury only grew upon seeing Adriana's indifference. With growing frustration, she slapped the table repeatedly.

"Great! This is awesome! This is the daughter that I've raised. She has made a life for herself and forgets her own parents! Fine, if you won't return, then don't show your face again! All you did was give me an attitude and be an eyesore! Once I'm gone, you won't have to bear with me anymore! You'll finally be free."

After saying this, Marnie abruptly stood up and turned to leave.

A wave of dizziness swept over her after she barely took a few steps.

She stopped in her tracks with a pallid complexion.

Roxanne and Susan rushed forward to support her.

Roxanne exclaimed, "Grandma, are you okay?"

Stunned, Adriana asked worriedly, "Mom?"

Marnie ignored them. She stood still, clutching her chest and gasping for breath. She looked like she might faint at any moment.

Adriana grew even more anxious, asking, "Neera, come here and have a look!"

Neera, though reluctant, decided to help out.

When she reached out to check Marnie's pulse, the old woman brushed her hand away. She growled, "Don't touch me! You jinx! My family has come this far because of you! Get away from me!"

Neera's demeanor immediately turned cold. She withdrew her hand indifferently.

Adriana frowned. She couldn't leave her mother unattended, so she tried to compromise. She instructed, "Neera, I'll take her to the hospital. I'll entrust the kids to you."

Neera, seeing no other option, nodded reluctantly.

Soon after, Adriana hurriedly left with the trio.


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