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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 425

The kids were astounded by the progress of things. They were at a loss.

"Mommy, will that wicked woman be okay?" they asked.

Marnie had mistreated them, but they were frightened at the sight of her gasping for air.

What if something happens to her and they blame Mommy for that? What should we do then?

Seeing the triplets were worried, Neera softly comforted them, saying, "It's alright. I read her pulse just now. She had a panic attack and she'll be fine having some rest."

"Phew! That's a relief!"

The kids finally relaxed and shifted their focus back to Neera.

"Mommy, don't take what they said to heart. They are bad people with bad intentions."

"Yeah, that woman is taking advantage of her old age to intimidate you."

"You're the best mom in the world. You're our lucky star, not a jinx. Please don't be upset because of them. It's not worth it!"

Neera adopted a gentle smile and lovingly rubbed their faces in response to their warmth.

"Don't worry," she assured them. "They're nobody for me. It doesn't bother me, and neither should their words bother you. The three of you're my precious! You're priceless!"

"Okay, Mommy."

The triplets concurred with childish voices and tightly embraced their mom.


After Jean went home, he didn't go to his room. Instead, he sat on the balcony and gazed quietly at his neighbor's yard.

Ian sensibly made some tea for him to make amends. He advised, "Sir, have some tea. I'll wait outside the door and report to you right away, if I spot any movement."

Jean cast a glance at him and granted his proposal with a nod. By the time he finished his tea, Ian hurried over.

His assistant reported, "Sir, the Garcias have left."

Jean stood up steadily and casually headed in the direction of the door.

Ian trailed closely from behind. He thought to himself, Mr. Beauvort cares more and more about Ms. Garcia now. He's even worried about her family affairs. Tsk, tsk…

The Garcias left in a rush. They didn't properly close the door behind them and left it ajar.

Upon entering, Jean saw the triplets surrounded their mother and comforted her. He walked over and inquired, "What happened?"

Noticing him, Neera was surprised, and she asked, "Are you checking on us?"

"Yes," Jean confirmed, then asked, "Why are they here?"

Neera briefly explained everything to him.

His eyes darkened after he listened to the full story. He offered, "Do you need my help?"

Dealing with that family was easy for someone of his influence.

Neera shook her head and said, "It's okay. They just want ANXIN Group to merge with Garcia Group."

A cold glint flashed through her eyes as she continued, "I'd broken ties with them, but they refuse to give up and keep pestering my aunt with all their might. They showed up uninvited because they wanted to take her away."

Jean felt annoyed after he heard this.

After he interacted with her for some time, he realized that Neera had been through a lot.

Her own family denied her. They plotted against her, used her, and made her life miserable.

She had finally gained strength and capital, but those shameless people continued to harass her. It was ridiculous to have a family like them.

Abruptly, he had an urge to intervene and deal with her family. On top of that, it was an incredibly strong urge.

He knew she preferred not to trouble others. Therefore, he held back on his offer.

Switching the topic, he suggested, "Well, as long as you can handle it. Would you like me to take you to dinner tonight? I'll pick the place."

Blinking, Neera asked in surprise, "Why would you suddenly invite me to have dinner?"

Jean gazed at her and explained, "You'd developed the antidote for my mom. I want to express my gratitude."

Neera waved her hand dismissively and replied, "Why are you being so polite with me? I'm a doctor. I have to save lives."

A smile broke into his face, and he teased, "Why didn't you put this into practice when we first met?"

Neera argued, "Well, about that…when I first met you, you deserved to get your teeth kicked in."

For once, Jean burst into laughter.

The kids sensed that their father's invitation was clearly meant to allow him to spend more time with their mother. They couldn't pass up such a good opportunity.

Immediately, the trio pulled Neera's hand and pleaded.

"Mommy, let's go! Uncle Jean has invited us."

"Yeah, go, go, go! After dinner, we can watch a show!"

"A show? What sort of show?" Neera asked in puzzlement.

Penny chuckled and said, "There's a ballet performance at the Grand Theater. A famous dance troupe is on a global tour. All three of us had bought the tickets. We planned to take you and Grandaunt out tonight, but she can't make it now. Let Uncle Jean come with us and don't waste the ticket."

With her daughter putting it that way, Neera had a hard time turning her down.

Smiling, she nodded and agreed, "Alright, let's go then."


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