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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 437

Neera couldn't win the argument. She had to agree.

"I'll go home now. If anything happens, you have to call me immediately," she said.

Adriana brushed her off, "Okay, okay."

She shoved Neera's bag into her hands and pushed her out the door and urged, "Don't worry, what could go wrong with me here? You should get a good rest. We can talk after you get some sleep."

Neera gave a faint smile in the face of Adriana's persistence.

She let Katy drive her home.

Jean showed up at her place right after she went home.

His voice was deep and raspy. His eyes filled with concern, he asked, "You're home?"

"You didn't go out?" Neera asked, surprised.

Jean nodded and explained, "I'm waiting for you to come home."

He answered casually with his gaze glued to her face.

She looked exhausted.

He spotted her fatigue and said, "The Star Entertainment Media will handle the media issues and gradually suppress those negative comments. You don't have to worry about it. I've asked Ian to look into that blogger. We'll update you with the details. You should sleep."

Spiritless, Neera sighed.

"How can I get some sleep? This issue has blown up. If I don't resolve this, my company's reputation will suffer, and it reflects badly on sales."

Their team had invested a lot of time and effort to develop this product, and she was determined not to let things go south.

As they spoke, they sat down on the couch.

Auntie Zuniga promptly brought water for them.

Neera felt the warmth from the glass, but her heart remained cold.

"Someone is manipulating public opinion and targeting us. I suspect..."

She paused momentarily, unsure if she should name the suspect.

Jean uttered somberly, "Sonny."

Stunned, Neera turned to look at him. She asked, "You also suspect him?"

"Yes," Jean replied, setting down his glass.

"This man is ruthless. He would achieve his goal at all costs. You've refused him many times, and he probably holds a grudge. He's fully capable of doing something despicable."

Neera was upset. She also suspected Sonny orchestrated the whole thing, especially since Startales had only recently established itself domestically. Others were jealous of their success.

Given their ties with the Beauvort Group, few would dare to cross them.

Crimea Group was the only company that had the audacity to challenge Beauvort Group.

Jean added, "Sonny's method is shadier than I imagined."

A thought struck Jean when he saw Neera was troubled with this.

He couldn't resist the temptation and gently touched her forehead.

Neera froze. Her heartbeats accelerated. She looked blankly at him.

"What...What's wrong? Is there something on my forehead?" She stammered, somewhat nervous, with a hint of blush crept onto her cheeks.

His deep eyes locked onto hers and spoke gently, "I need you to stop worrying too much. You have to rest, alright?

"You've been working hard on the antidote without getting proper sleep. Only get a day off before this incident happens. Your body couldn't handle it. Listen to me and get some sleep. I'll handle the rest. I got you, okay?"

Jean slightly elevated his tone toward the end.

His voice was soothing, carrying a gentle undertone of persuasion.

Stunned, Neera looked at him.

For some reason, his words calmed her nerves. She felt at ease as if everything would be fine after she woke up from her sleep.

She had no idea where this sense of trust and reassurance came from.

In the end, she just nodded and agreed, "Okay."

Under Jean's watchful eye, she managed to eat something before heading upstairs for a rest.

She slept soundly but briefly, lasting only four hours.

When she woke up, it was late afternoon.

The first thing she did after she opened her eyes was check Twitter.

Her anxiety persisted, worrying that the situation was unfavorable toward Startales.

To her relief, the overwhelmingly negative views seemed to have been controlled. While the situation wasn't entirely in their favor, at least it wasn't worsening.

The government department they contacted had acted swiftly, releasing an inspection report.

The report confirmed that Startales's products were safe and devoid of any harmful or irritant substances.


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