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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 438

After the government department made that announcement, Startales immediately retweeted it to prove their innocence.

Moreover, they tagged Thetis on the official company account and stated, "There's no problem with our products. If you've had an allergic reaction, there could be a different underlying cause. We hope you can come to Startales's headquarters to discuss your allergic reaction. We're here to help identify the problem!"

Neera knew Aunt Adriana was behind this polite yet sharp remark.

She was relieved.

She continued to scroll down and read internet users' comments.

"The department's quality report is out, so Startales' cosmetics are safe, aren't they?"

"Oh my! I was alarmed by this whole episode. I've been using their products, and they've been working wonders. That blogger's allergic reaction had me panicking, and I stopped using it. I'm glad I didn't throw them out. Now that they're confirmed safe, I'll resume using them."

"What's going on behind that blogger's allergy? Is it because of an incompatible skin type?"

"She hasn't spoken up since she posted that medical report. Thankfully, I didn't hastily pick a side. This whole situation is becoming increasingly odd."

Neera squinted her eyes at this point.

Thetis stopped posting anything after the medical examination reports.

The quality inspection report had been released for three hours, but she was nowhere to be found.

Everyone would probably have had a sneaking suspicion that there was something fishy going on.

Of course, some people openly voiced their skepticism.

"What does the inspection report show? Maybe Startales bought someone from the department! Buying a 'clean' report is easy for them, isn't it?"

"Exactly, what does a quality-free result prove? Someone still had an allergic reaction, didn't they? Do they take us as fools?"

"Some people in this conversation do sound like fools. Are you implying the department can just be bought with money? They have a solid reputation for their integrity. This very department has identified quality concerns for numerous big companies in the past. Even when faced with bribery attempts, they've turned down substantial amounts of money. So, how can you slander them for being easily bought over?"

"LOL! Now you're resorting to accusing the official department of corruption? Are you prepared to face legal consequences?"

"The agenda of these internet ghostwriters is way too obvious. Even now, they're attempting to fan the flames. I bet they're on someone's payroll!"

"@OfficialQualityDepartment, there's someone here making false claims about you accepting bribes. Quick! Take a look at them!"

Neera breathed out a sigh of relief.

Things seemed to be progressing favorably, which was good news.

She stopped reading those comments and quickly got ready to head to the office.

On her way out, she spotted Jean in the living room.

Surprised, she hurried over and inquired, "Why are you still here? Didn't you go home?"

Jean responded, "I did. I just got back a little while ago."

He gave her a number and informed her directly, "This is the number of the whistleblower. I think it's something you need urgently."

Neera was pleasantly surprised with his efficiency. She said, "Thank you!"

She dialed that number right away.

A sharp female voice answered the call, asking, "Hi, who is this?"

Neera briefly introduced herself, saying, "Hi, I'm Neera Gracia, CEO of Startales Group. I believe you're Thetis, the blogger who posted about an allergic reaction on Twitter. I'd like to invite you to our office to discuss this situation further."

She sounded caught off-guard and questioned, "How did you get my number?"

Neera responded calmly, "I understand your concern. We've been trying to get in touch with you without success.

"Given the circumstances and considering both our company's reputation and your well-being, we felt it necessary to find a way to communicate directly. Our intention is to address this issue head-on."

The woman sounded nervous. "Are you trying to settle this privately?"

With a light chuckle, Neera corrected, "No, you've got it wrong. We have no intention of sweeping this under the rug. The matter has become public knowledge, and we aim to address it transparently."

Her tone was soft yet carried a firm resolution of the company's stance, which was unwavering from the start.

"If you find it challenging to come over, we can organize transport for you. Are you in Kingsview? Given that you're determined to uphold your rights, I believe you can make some time to meet with us."

The caller hesitated and stammered, "We might need to decide on that later. I...need to discuss this."

Neera quickly caught on to the term, asking, "Discuss? With whom do you need to discuss?"


She realized she had slipped her tongue. She quickly denied it and answered evasively, "Why the rush for an answer? I'll get back to you soon."

She promptly ended the call.

Listening to the busy tone, Neera raised an eyebrow at Jean, remarking, "There's something off about that woman."

Jean narrowed his eyes, concluding, "Her voice gave away guilt. Her attitude toward the end was telling."

"Discuss," he repeated the word, then questioned, "You recorded the conversation, didn't you?"

Neera gave a nod and said, "Yes."

He smirked and said in an icy tone, "Just wait and see. This is just the beginning."


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