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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 454

Jean cast a glance at her.

He said with a smile, "Why do you think I need you to go with me? With you on my side, all the rumors will naturally be dispelled."

Moreover, her attendance will get rid of my mother's wishful thinking! I want to show her with my actions that she should forget about pairing me with Kyra.

Neera chuckled, remarking, "Seems I'm destined to play the role of 'shield'! But everything turned out well. Thanks to you dominating the trending topic, the buzz about my company has faded. Mr. Beauvort is truly extraordinary when he gets into action."

She playfully gave him a thumbs-up.

Grinning, Jean replied, "You deserve credit for handling the situation so adeptly, especially in exposing Tilda's scheme. Yet, even after a night, Tilda hasn't spilled the beans about who's pulling the strings."

He frowned a little and his voice took on a chilling edge.

Neera's eyes deepened with concern. She speculated, "Do you think this mastermind has the next move in store?"

Jean shook his head and replied, "It's a possibility I can't ignore. I've got people monitoring the situation. Should there be any developments, you'll be the first to know. For now, you should rest!"

She has stretched thin recently and didn't get to relax from formulating the antidote to handle the company's crisis. I didn't want her to worry about these when she finally got a break.

Understanding his genuine concern for her, warmth surged in Neera's heart. Her eyes glistened with delight as she remarked, "If the esteemed Mr. Beauvort advises it, then I must comply."

Jean gazed at her and nodded. His previous bad mood had disappeared.

From a distance, Ian observed the interaction.

He thought to himself, Ms. Garcia has quite the touch. She's the only one who can effortlessly soothe Mr. Beauvort's temper. Truly, no one else holds that influence over him.

Ian discreetly retreated, sensing it wasn't his place to intrude.

Not long after, Jean headed back to his villa.

Neera was alone in the courtyard, tending to her plants and enjoying the company of her pets.

Her phone rang. It was Adriana, letting her know she'd be visiting later that evening.

Neera had no objections.

Ever since she went to the Garcia residence, she had been worried they might look for trouble with her and wished she could return soon.


In the evening, Adriana arrived as agreed.

The triplets had just gotten back from school when they ran up to Adriana and acted cute with her.

"Grandaunt, you're back? We missed you so much!"

"Grandaunt, you rarely stay in Kingsview. How could you leave us? We've been so lonely without you!"

"Stay longer, please! Don't leave; please spend more time with us."

Touched by their words, Adriana gently caressed their heads, responding, "My dears, I've missed you too. It feels like it's been forever since we last met."

Nearing the end of their chatter, Neera couldn't help but smile. She inquired, "Are you planning to move back?"

Adriana, with a hint of fatigue in her voice, replied, "Not at the moment, but soon."

Observing her tiredness, Neera expressed her concern, "What's wrong? You seem drained. Did they mistreat you?"

Swiftly shaking her head, Adriana reassured her, "No, they wouldn't dare. It's just...I had a restless night, thinking about your mother."

Her voice became gentle as she faced Neera, "I dropped by to ask if you'd like to visit her grave. You haven't paid your respect since your return, have you?"

Neera felt a tightness in her throat, her heart trembling a little as she admitted, "No, I haven't..."

Initially, upon her return, the Garcias didn't welcome her. Naturally, there wasn't a chance for her to pay respects. Then, after being cruelly banished from the house, she missed the opportunity to do so.

Most of what she knew about her biological mother came from fragments of Adriana's tales.

Hearing her respond, Adriana gently patted her shoulder and said, "Let's visit her at the cemetery tomorrow."

Neera agreed right away, saying, "I'd like that."


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