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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 455

The next morning, after having breakfast, the family headed towards the graveyard situated on the city's outskirts.

The journey was enveloped in silence.

The children, aware they were visiting their Granny's resting place, remained unusually obedient and refrained from making any noise.

They knew little about their Granny.

After a brief silence, they couldn't hold back their curiosity, asking, "Grandaunt, could you tell us about Granny? What was she like? We want to know more about her."

Neera glanced at Aunt Adriana with anticipation, eager to hear more about her mother.

Sensing their eagerness, Adriana responded with a soft smile, "Of course, let me tell you...

She paused, collecting her thoughts, and then began.

"Her name was Stacy Park. She was born into a scholarly family in Atheburn. known for her intellect, beauty, and knack for business. She was near perfection."

Back in the day, the two of them were college friends. With common interests and similar temperaments, they became very close.

During one of Stacy's visits to her home, she happened to meet Alfonso. From their first meeting, Alfonso was completely smitten with her and pursued her fervently.

Though Stacy was hesitant at first, Alfonso's unwavering dedication eventually won her heart.

However, when the Park family learned about this relationship, they strongly disapproved of it. The Garcias, being of modest means, were nothing compared to the affluent Parks.

Following heated disagreements with her family, Stacy decided to elope with Alfonso.

Infuriated, the Parks cut off all ties with Stacy.

"After they tied the knot, your mother, alongside Alfonso and myself, founded the Garcia Group. Your mother was the most business-savvy among us. The company's rise and prosperity can be largely attributed to her.

"Many in the business circles believed that Alfonso was undeserving of her, yet she would merely smile in response to such remarks. She remained loyal to Alfonso and never held anything against him. But…"

At this point, Adriana clenched her teeth and displayed mockery on her face.

"But...my brother is despicable! He took all the comments to heart and began to resent your mother. He cold-shouldered her. He had affairs when she was pregnant. He met Susan at the time."

Neera could now fill in the blanks for the rest of the story.

He turned his back on Mom and started neglecting her. In such trying times, the unborn child might have been her sole comfort.

"Shortly after you came into this world, you disappeared. Your mother was devastated and couldn't concentrate on anything other than finding you. Amid this turmoil, Susan emerged, presenting a child of her own. Your mother suffered immense emotional trauma and eventually couldn't recover from the pain."

Tears rolled down Adriana's cheeks as she recounted the past.

Neera clenched her fists and was heartbroken.

Being a mother of three, she could understand the despair her mother went through.

I loathed him! This man is a beast, unworthy of being a human being.

The triplets' eyes welled up with tears.

Penny sobbed, "Granny had such a sad life."

Wiping away her tears, Adriana's voice quivered as she confessed, "I've always blamed myself. If I hadn't brought Stacy into Alfonso's life, none of this would have happened. This regret has haunted me every single day. Neera, I failed your mother, and I failed you."

Neera sniffled. She held back the bitterness and tears.

She clasped Adriana's hand gently, assuring her, "It's not your fault. It's all on him! He's the one to blame for everything."

He was a man devoid of honor and kindness, full of arrogance, disloyal in love, and consumed by his selfishness and greed. This man practically embodies all the worst characteristics, yet he remains oblivious to his vile nature.

In that moment, Neera's revulsion for Alfonso reached its zenith.

The thought that she shared a bloodline with him repulsed her to the core.


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