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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 457

Upon discovering Neera's fever, the triplets could not help but express their concern. "Do you need to go to the hospital, Mommy?"

"No, it's just a common fever. It will improve after a good night's rest. It's not that serious," Neera reassured them, patting their heads and speaking soothingly.

The triplets remained uneasy, insisting, "Why don't you take medicine and rest? It's important to prevent it from getting worse!"

Neera did not want to make them worried, so she agreed, "Alright."

Harvey promptly volunteered, "Then I'll get the medicine for Mommy."

"I'll get her water!" Sammy chimed in, wearing a determined expression.

Penny blinked and added in her sweet voice, "I'll get the fever patch."

Their teamwork was evident, each taking on a role to help their mother feel better.

Neera felt a rush of warmth as she saw their caring gestures.

Once they brought everything, she praised them, "All of you are so thoughtful. Mommy will recover quickly with you looking after me."

The triplets exchanged smiles and responded, "Mommy will feel better after taking the medicine, and we'll stay by your side while you rest."

"That's very sweet."

Neera took the medicine with a smile, attaching the fever patch to her forehead before lying down to rest.

Her head throbbed intensely, and after a while, she slipped into a deep sleep.

In her semi-conscious state, she dreamt of something.

In her dream, a woman was playfully interacting with a baby.

The baby had just learned to crawl, moving clumsily and slowly across the floor.

In the dream, the patient woman smiled gently and coaxed, "Neera, come here... That's it, come to Mommy."

The baby responded with joyful giggles and increased its crawling speed.

Before long, the baby reached the woman's side.

With open arms, the woman hugged the baby, praising, "Our Neera is truly amazing."

The baby seemed to understand her, laughing happily.

Yet suddenly, the dream scene shifted.

Neera saw that the baby transformed into himself.

The woman before her transformed into a motherly figure, cradling Neera and murmuring in a soothing tone, "Our Neera has grown so much."

Neera yearned to feel the warmth of that embrace, her eyes welling up with emotion. She reached out instinctively to embrace her...

Just then, a deep voice pierced through from a distance.

"Neera... Neera? Wake up!"

Startled, Neera struggled to identify the source of the voice, but before she could make sense of it, the dream dissolved abruptly.

Her mother vanished too.

Neera was jolted awake, her heart racing...

And what greeted her was Jean's handsome face!

He was close, his upper body hovering over her, his chest gently pressing against hers. His arms supported him on either side of her head, their warm breaths intermingling in the small space between them.

Their lips were only inches apart!

Neera's mind was still foggy, immobilized by the surprise of the situation, as she gazed blankly at the person before her.

As Jean noticed Neera waking up, he let out a relieved sigh and asked, "Are you awake?"

Neera responded with a murmured "yeah," gradually recovering her senses. In doing so, she realized that the vivid encounter she experienced earlier was just a dream.

If she remembered correctly, she was sick and was resting at home right now!

However, the current situation was far from expected.

Why was Jean here?

Why were they in this position, wrapped around each other?

Neera looked utterly confused and instinctively twitched her fingers, trying to push the man away from her.

But as she moved, a realization hit her. Something was wrong

Her hands were clasped around Jean's waist!

"You... I... What's going on?"

Neera was unable to react and asked in a daze.

Upon hearing her question, Jean furrowed his eyebrows, a faint amusement in his eyes. "What do you think we're doing?"

His voice had a subtle quiver, and Neera could distinctly sense the gentle friction between them through the thin fabric of their clothes.

Startled, she caught her breath. Before she could reply, Jean continued, "Ms. Garcia, I never expected you to take advantage of others while being sick."


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