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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 456

"Grandaunt, please don't blame yourself. Grandma won't blame you for this," Harvey sensibly consoled Adriana.

The other two kids remained silent, but they held her tightly with their small hands, silently giving her encouragement.

Finding solace in the presence of the triplets, Adriana's mood gradually improved.

At that moment, they reached the cemetery.

Suppressing her emotions, Adriana led them out of the car and reached a spot halfway up the mountain, where Stacy's grave lay.

It was Neera's first time visiting her mother's grave. So, she paused and observed her surroundings briefly.

The tomb had been well-maintained and meticulously cleaned. It was obvious that someone attended to it regularly.

There was a picture of Neera's mother on the tombstone.

Despite the photograph being old and being pelted by rain for so many years, the woman in the picture still had a gentle smile.

This was the first time Neera saw her mother.

As Adriana described, her mother was undoubtedly a beauty. Her features were not just attractive. She also had a graceful and ladylike temperament. At a glance, one could deduce her aristocratic background.

Neera gazed at it for a moment, a profound sense of connection welling up within her.

She placed the bouquet she held before the tombstone and said to the woman in the picture, "Hello, Mom. I'm Neera. I'm sorry it took me so long to come and visit you..."

Adriana and the triplets stood quietly beside her.

Upon hearing Neera's words, Adriana's eyes grew moist once again.

She battled the tears, determined not to let them fall. In a voice tinged with emotion, she instructed the triplets, "Harvey, Sammy, Penny, go and greet Grandma."

The triplets nodded in unison, stepping forward to introduce themselves, "Grandaunt, I'm Harvey, Mommy's eldest son."

"Hi Grandma, I'm Sammy, the second eldest!"

"I'm Penny, the youngest of us. You're pretty, Grandma. You look like Mommy..."

The triplets' voices grew increasingly endearing, managing to lighten the initial somber mood.

Adriana wiped her eyes and approached, her voice quivering, "Stacy, are you watching us? Neera's back and I brought her and the children to visit you..."

Though there was no response, Adriana understood that if Stacy's spirit was in the heavens, She would be brimming with joy. Neera was, after all, Stacy's most cherished kid.

Neera recognized this sentiment and talked to the tombstone.

Time passed swiftly, and an hour slipped away unnoticed.

The once-clear sky had now surrendered to dark clouds and the atmosphere was so dark, it looked like it was about to rain.

Sensing the time, Adriana placed her hand on Neera's shoulder and suggested, "Neera, should we head back? I didn't bring an umbrella when we came up the mountain, and I wouldn't want the triplets to get caught in the rain. We can visit your mother another time."

Neera agreed and said to the woman in the picture, "Mom, we're going to leave now, I'll visit you often and talk to you."

The triplets waved their hands adorably, "Grandma, we'll visit you too. Goodbye..."

After saying goodbye, they descended the mountain.

However, before they could reach the base, rain began to pour down, soaking them thoroughly. By the time they got back home, their clothes were drenched.

"Oh dear, why are we so wet?"

Upon seeing this, Auntie Zuniga hurriedly fetched a towel and began to dry their hair.

Neera grabbed the towel and wiped the triplets' hair.

Once finished, she instructed Auntie Zuniga, "Please help the triplets take a warm bath to prevent them from catching a cold."

Auntie Zuniga agreed, saying, "Alright."

Shortly after, she led the triplets upstairs for their bath.

Neera watched them depart, then turned her attention to her aunt, Adriana. "Aunt Adriana, you should change into dry clothes too. You wouldn't want to catch a cold."

Adriana waved off the suggestion with a chuckle. "I'm not as delicate as you. You should change first. My immune system is much stronger."

Neera grinned. "The rain is so light, I'll be fine."

Ironically, right after uttering those words, she found herself sneezing a few times.

Adriana sighed helplessly, "You said nothing would happen just now, didn't you? Look at you now. Go and take a warm bath quickly, don't push yourself."

Nudged by her aunt's concern, Neera complied and made her way back to her room.

After her bath, she took medicine to prevent her from catching a cold.

However, it was no use.

By the afternoon, she was running a mild fever.


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