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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 47

The famous miracle doctor, Nancy, would be conducting an operation this afternoon in the hospital under the Lopez Group; the news was widely spread. The operation had a high risk and would consume around six hours. Every member of the medical staff in the hospital wished that they could have the honor of being part of the operating team. They would be content even if they were just looking from afar in the operating room. Yet the operation room was off limits.

But there were people gathering in the hall outside of the operation room. Some of them were curious about Nancy’s look, and some of them were here to beg for her help. At the end, the hospital had to send security guards to ensure order in case other patients were disturbed.

Neera and Isabella got in via the side entrance to avoid the crowd. They changed into sterile surgical gowns and started preparation with the medical team…

At the same time, few people arrived outside of the operation room. Zachary and Roxanne arrived; Jean and Ian were there too; and even Joanna was there!

Jean’s arrival caused a commotion as he was too handsome! He was in a blue suit, and he looked wonderful in it. His legs were slender, and he was tall. Especially his handsome face; it was the perfect art from God. All of his facial features were perfect. Everyone stared at him upon his arrival.

He was keeping a low profile all the time, so no one recognized that he was the head of the Beauvort family —Jean Beauvort!

Not even Roxanna recognized him; she was staring right at him and captivated by how handsome he was! Little did she know that he was the man being bad mouthed by her; she always mocked his health! Since when did Kingsview have such a splendid man? He looks powerful and noble!

She felt that Zachary was nothing compared to him!

Jean was used to people looking at him like this, so he did not care who was presented. He frowned as he saw Joanna, and he asked, "Why are you here?"

Joanna was eager to see this mesmerizing man; she suppressed her feelings, and she replied gently with a smile, "I know that you’re looking for Ms. Nancy, so I’m here helping you to wait for her. She’s the best in our medical world! As a doctor, I hope to have the honor of seeing her and getting to know her. If she’s willing to give me her insights, it’ll be great."

She was totally saying the opposite of what she was thinking; she was just here to see if Nancy was really going to be invited by Jean! She did not allow a strange woman to overshadow her. And she would not let the famous doctor Nancy ruin her plan either!

Jean remained silent after hearing her words. Joanna thought that he allowed her to be with him here, and she was happy.

Suddenly, a gentleman wearing glasses walked up to Jean and muttered, "Sorry, Mr. Beauvort, the operation is about to start. Ms. Nancy has to focus on the patient now, so she can’t come to see you. This operation will take more than six hours. So maybe you'll need to wait for her. I’m sorry!"


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