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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 48

The gentleman was Isabella’s cousin, Alvin Lopez! Jean asked for his help to introduce him to Nancy. Jean answered calmly, "It's okay; I’ll be waiting elsewhere."

Alvin smiled politely and suggested, "Actually, if you don’t mind, you can come over to my office to have a seat. I’ve prepared the best tea; do I have the honor to have you taste it with me? But if you have things to attend to, please do." He spoke humbly. The Lopez family might have been influential in Kingsview, but they were nothing compared to the Beauvort family. Hence, the entitled Alvin was humble in front of Jean. Luckily, Jean was not arrogant; he nodded as he thought that he could do some work in his office too. "Thanks for having me." He replied.

"It’s my honor." So Alvin brought him upstairs. Joanna wanted to tag along, but Ian stopped her. "Mr. Beauvort likes to be quiet; you should stay here." She looked at Jean disappearing into the corner, and she pursed her lips, unwillingly giving in to Ian’s words.

Roxanne finally stopped looking at him, but she could not stop thinking about him. She was so curious about him, and she wanted to know every bit of information about him.

Zachary frowned at the side, and he was curious about Jean too. Since when is there such a person in Kingsview? He looks noble and unbelievably handsome! And why have I never heard about him before?

But, after pondering for a while, he thought that Jean might be good for nothing with a handsome look since no one knew about him. It’s impossible for me to not know someone from a rich and powerful family. It must be the case.

He felt entitled after coming to this conclusion, and he held Roxanne’s hand. "Roxanne, don’t you worry. We’re here today, and we will surely be able to meet Ms. Nancy. I will ask for her help at all costs to treat you. Money is never a problem for my family; what I want is for you to get better!"

Roxanna came back to her senses hearing his words, and it seemed like she was touched hearing his words. "Zach, I know that you’re the best for me. With you here, I’m fearless." She leaned into him as she spoke.

He grabbed her shoulder, and he felt proud looking at her. So what if the man looks great? A good look is useless when he’s not strong and powerful! Only people like me, with a good family background and a handsome face, are the winners of life! Money, women, power... I want it all!"


Everyone had their intentions in the hall. And the situation was totally different in the operating room. All the medical staff were already ready, waiting for Neera to give them orders. The operation would start when the anesthesia kicked in! Once the operation started, all Neera saw was the patient. She would not think of anything else, and she grabbed the tools to conduct the operations. Everyone was holding their breath and making sure that they could perform well. They were assisting her with their greatest focus.


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