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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 483

They chatted over tea until noon.

Ian woke up from his nap and came out of his bedroom. He looked a lot better compared to earlier.

His wound had mostly closed up, and it was not as horrifying as before.

Neera briefly examined Ian and said, "The antidote has taken effect, and the poison is almost out of your system. You should be back to normal after a few days' rest."

While she handed Ian some more medicine from her medical kit, she said, "You should go to the hospital if you don't feel well. Don't ignore the slightest symptom. Luckily for you, the poison isn't that potent this time!"

Ian was happy to hear that he was going to be fine. "Thank you, Dr. Garcia! I'll remember what you say!"

Neera nodded and told him the dosage of each medicine. "Take your medicine on time. Don't eat seafood or anything spicy while the wound is healing, and remember to take enough rest."

Neera prepared to leave, and Jean was going to do the same.

Before he left, he told Ian, "You should stay at home for the next few days. I'll get Storm to take over your tasks in the meantime."

Ian wanted to say that the injury wouldn't affect his job performance, but before he could say anything, Storm had already replied in the affirmative.

After that, Neera, Jean, and Storm left the house.

"Shall we have lunch together?" Jean suggested.

Neera didn't object to the idea. "Okay."

The couple went to a restaurant. After lunch, Jean received a call from Fabio. "Hey, Jean, will you and Ms. Garcia be at home around five o'clock? Nettie will be there to prepare Ms. Garcia for the gala."

That reminded Jean he had to attend the gala later tonight.

"Okay," he replied.

After the call ended, he relayed the information to Neera.

Neera also nearly forgot about the event. "How will it be tonight? Can you briefly tell me what will happen there?" he asked.

Jean nodded. "The gala will start at eight o'clock. We'll go there together, but I'll enter the venue first. You can come in shortly after."

"Sure. I'll listen to what you say," Neera said.

They went back to their respective homes after lunch.

Nettie arrived on time and began to style Neera's hair. That took them two hours.

When the triplets came home from school, Neera happened to be walking down the stairs.

They were shocked to see their mother's new appearance.

"Wow! You're so beautiful!"

"You're like an angel!"

"I'm sure everyone will be stunned!"

The triplets generously showered their mother with praise, but they also didn't forget about Nettie. "You're amazing, Ms. Nettie! You've made our Mommy a work of art!"

Nettie had given Neera dark red eyeshadow to contrast with the phoenix on her gown. Her hair was tied up in a bun and held in place by a golden hairpin.

She also wore a pair of antique earrings and a matching necklace.

The embroidered high heels on her feet made her look elegant and noble.

Indeed, she would be hogging the spotlight at the gala.

Nettie was very happy with her handiwork. She said to the children, "No, your mother is already very beautiful, and I didn't have to do much. The tailor also did an amazing job with her outfit."

Jean came into the house shortly after.

He stood next to Neera. Just like the outfit's namesake, they looked like a match made in heaven.

Jean was smitten by Neera's appearance. He could not keep his eyes away from her.

The triplets noticed that. They took Neera's hand and gave it to Jean. "Uncle Jean, remember to take good care of our Mommy tonight, okay? Don't let anyone kidnap her!"

Neera was caught by surprise. Instinctively, she wanted to pull her hand away.

Jean squeezed it once and let her go, as though he didn't mean to do that.

"Alright, I'll keep a close eye on her," he said with a smile.

Neera instantly blushed.


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