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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 484

"Sire, it's almost time to depart," Storm reminded Jean.

Jean rubbed his fingers and nodded. He turned his head to Neera and said, "Shall we go?"

"Mm." Neera nodded. She waved goodbye to her children and went into the car with Jean.

The annual gala of Star Entertainment Media this year was exceptionally crowded this year.

Even before the venue opened, many reporters had already staked out at the hotel entrance.

Star Entertainment Media had extended media invitations to only several major media outlets. None of the others could get in, though that did not stop the others from going there.

Many important people were attending the gala. They were hoping to score the next big scoop.

Most importantly, the mysterious CEO of Beauvort Group would be attending!

Jean Beauvort had never made a public appearance, though the financial and economic newspapers were full of his stories.

Several years ago, someone managed to take a picture of his back. The photo became the most popular topic on the Internet for a week. If the Beauvort family hadn't stepped in and removed the picture by force, it would have remained popular for an even longer period.

Many reporters wanted to try their luck today.

If they could manage to snap a photo of Jean's face, they wouldn't have to worry about readership.

Luxury cars arrived one after another outside of the hotel, and celebrities in glamorous clothes stepped out.

Flanked on both sides by their fans, they walked down the red carpet and went into the hotel.

The event hall was just as crowded with guests, members of staff, reporters, and managers of Star Entertainment Media.

People gathered in small groups and chatted.

On previous occasions, the celebrities would be competing with each other to steal the spotlight.

No one was in the mood to do that tonight.

Everyone was talking about the same thing…

"I've heard that Mr. Beauvort is attending the gala to introduce a new celebrity to Star Entertainment Media. I wonder if that's true?"

"Who could it be? Is it some big shot?"

"I don't know, I didn't receive any hints. In any case, I'm sure that Star Entertainment Media will be spending a lot of resources on them, which doesn't leave much for us."

"Hmm, isn't Sasha very close to the general manager? Do you think she'd know who the new celebrity is?"

"Right, how could I have forgotten about that…"

The celebrities turned their heads to Sasha standing next to them. "Sasha, you should know who that person is, right? Can you give us a hint?"

Sasha smiled and said, "I can't help you this time. Even I don't know who it is!"

"Huh? Didn't the general manager tell you? This must be some major secret!"

Everyone was disappointed.

"I guess so!" Sasha replied.

Actually, Sasha knew who the person was. However, Larry had warned her not to tell anyone else, so she could only pretend that she knew nothing.

On the other hand, Sasha's assistant was very curious. She leaned closer and whispered to Sasha, "By the way, why is Kyra Marks moving to Star Entertainment? Is she going after your resources? I remember that you and she are rivals."

She sounded very worried as though Sasha would be put at a disadvantage.

Sasha didn't seem too worried. "I've heard that Mrs. Beauvort made the arrangements, and looking at how things are going, they're going to promote her as the biggest star. If that's what the company wants, I'm sure I'll be losing some resources to her."

"That can't be!" The assistant was shocked. "What should we do?"

"We'll have to leave it to fate," Sasha said with a smirk.

The assistant slapped her forehead. "I can't believe you can be so calm!"

Any other celebrity would have been running around like a headless chicken by now. Only Sasha Javer could pretend as though nothing happened.

Seeing that her assistant was about to cry, Sasha patted her back and said, "Alright, I should stop pulling your leg. Don't worry. No one can take away what belongs to me, not even Kyra Marks!"

"How are you so confident?" The assistant remained worried.

Sasha explained, "Because Mrs. Beauvort isn't in charge of Beauvort Group! Sure, she can bring Kyra Marks in and give her all the resources, but Mr. Beauvort has to agree to it! In several public interviews, Kyra had hinted that she was more than friends with Mr. Beauvort, and she also tried to snag the spokesperson deal with her connections. Do you remember what happened? Mr. Beauvort slammed the door in her face! That's why I think your worries are unfounded. Mr. Beauvort is a principled man, and he's not going to make an exception for Kyra. Well, if he's going to make an exception for someone, that person won't be Kyra Marks!"

She chuckled as though she had just remembered something.

The assistant was still confused. "Who could that person be? How are you so sure?"

"Because I'm smart, of course!" Sasha said with a smile.

If there was someone who could make Jean Beauvort make an exception, that person would be none other than Neera Garcia!


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