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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 488

Larry straightened his back and led Jean into the hall.

Jean's arrival marked the start of the event.

Larry, as the general manager of Star Entertainment Media, was the first to go up the stage and give a speech.

He briefly introduced himself, thanked the guests in attendance, and said excitedly, "Finally, let us put our hands together and welcome our guest of honor for tonight, Mr. Jean Beauvort of Beauvort Group! On behalf of all the staff and artists of Star Entertainment Media, I would like to thank Mr. Beauvort for his endless support. Without him, the company wouldn't be where it is today."

He began to applaud first, and the others quickly followed suit.

Jean walked steadily up the stage and began his speech. "I'm glad to be here tonight to celebrate this occasion with all of you. As a subsidiary of Beauvort Group, Star Entertainment Media has been doing extremely well, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work. Let's work together and bring Star Entertainment Media to greater heights!"

The crowd applauded loudly. Jean didn't show any expression on his face. He went down the stage and waited for Neera's arrival.

Larry thought that something was amiss.

According to the schedule, Jean was supposed to announce Kyra's signing after his speech. Why did he go down the stage without mentioning that? Did he forget?

Larry quickly went up to Jean to remind him. "Mr. Beauvort, you have to announce Kyra's signing. She's waiting for you outside the hall."

Jean shot a brief glance at him and said, "I wasn't planning on introducing her."

"Huh?" Larry was surprised. "But… Mrs. Beauvort said you were going to introduce her! She also said the company isn't going to spare any expense in promoting her!"

"That's what my mother wants, but I've never agreed to it. I'm not going to waste my time to promote some random celebrity. So…" Jean's expression sank. "You can introduce Ms. Marks."

Larry had questions. He heard rumors that Wrenn wanted Kyra to be Jean's wife.

He expected Jean to be in on the plan, which was why Jean agreed to attend the annual gala in the first place.

However, Jean's attitude told him that it was not the case.

Jean sounded especially cold when he said "Ms. Marks." It didn't look like he was planning to marry her at all.

In any case, Larry could only do what he was told. He replied, "Yes, Mr. Beauvort. I'll get that done now."

Very soon, Larry went up the stage again.

The guests and reporters were still focused on the stage.

He cleared his throat and said, "Thank you, Mr. Beauvort, for your speech. Your recognition of our effort shall be our greatest motivator, and I believe the only way for Star Entertainment Media is up! Next, I'd like to take up a little more of your precious time to make an important announcement."

He paused for two seconds to let it sink in before continuing, "We are actively expanding our pool of talents, and we welcome any individual who would like to work with us in bringing joy to the world. Next, I would like to introduce the first talent who has joined us in our seventh year of operation… Ms. Kyra Marks! I'm sure you all are familiar with the name. Even though Ms. Marks is relatively new in the industry, she has amassed a huge following because of her skills and talent. With her, Star Entertainment Media will produce many outstanding works! Let us welcome Ms. Marks to the stage!"

As soon as Larry finished his speech, everyone turned their heads to the door and noticed Kyra standing there.

Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

"What? Kyra Marks is joining Star Entertainment Media?"

"That's ridiculous! Wasn't she fighting Sasha over resources not too long ago? Isn't Mr. Mcdonagh worried that they might fight again?"

"If Mr. Mcdonagh is bringing her in, I'm sure he has a way to maintain harmony."

"I've heard that the Beauvort and Marks families are very close. The company would definitely spare no expense in promoting Kyra, and I'm afraid Sasha might get the cold shoulder."

"That's not necessarily the case. Don't you remember how Kyra had openly hinted that she would be Mr. Beauvort's fiancée, but Mr. Beauvort never cared for her? I don't think Kyra's signing will threaten Sasha's position in the company."

"That's right. If Beauvort Group really supports her, Mr. Beauvort would be the one introducing her and not Mr. Mcdonagh!"


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