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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 489

Neera slowly widened her eyes when she heard the man's voice.

She smiled when she saw Jean walking toward her. "Mm, I'm here."

All she did was stand there in her deep crimson gown, but she stole the attention of everyone in the hall.

Kyra froze in place. She turned around and saw Jean standing in front of Neera.

The gentle and warm expression on his face was just like when he was looking at his phone earlier.

Kyra's expression sank immediately.

Neera did not notice her. She leaned close to Jean and said, "Why didn't you tell me the gala is so grand?"

She had tried to mentally prepare herself before she showed up, but she was nevertheless shocked when she saw so many reporters pointing their cameras at her.

Jean smiled and leaned closer to her ear. "Why, are you scared?" he whispered.

Neera shook her head and said, "Well I'm not, but still."

She was also used to attending big events. The spectacle in front of her was not going to cower her.

"That's good to know," Jean said and straightened his back. "Come with me to meet a few managers. After that, we can leave."

"Okay," Neera said and nodded. She had no plans of her own anyway.

Even though they were only having a normal conversation, the other people had the impression that they were very intimate.

"Who is that woman? How is she related to Mr. Beauvort? It seems like Mr. Beauvort is a totally different person as soon as she arrived."

"I wouldn't have expected someone as cold and distant as Mr. Beauvort to have a soft side. I guess he just needs to meet the right person."

"I'm so jealous! My Prince Charming has already been taken!"

"They look like a perfect match. Also, look at her gown. It looks like it's designed by Fabio Lopez."

"That must be the case! The Beauvort and Lopez families are very close. It must be such an honor to wear one of Mr. Lopez's designs. Come to look at it, aren't they wearing matching outfits?"

"Now that you mention it, that woman seems familiar! I thought I'd seen her somewhere…"

"I think she looks familiar too…"

While the guests were busy talking to each other, Jean did something else that was unexpected.

He suddenly took Neera's hand and said gently, "Let's go and say hello to Larry."

Neera was shocked that Jean would do that. Her face started to blush.

Can't you inform me before you take my hand? She thought, though she did not show her annoyance on her face.

After all, she promised him that she would cooperate with him.

She nodded and said, "Okay."

The couple walked hand in hand through the crowd toward the middle of the hall.

Kyra remained rooted on the spot. A dark cloud shrouded her face.

She felt only anger and shock in her heart.

Perhaps Jean wanted to humiliate her by ignoring her.

With Neera present, Kyra was sure that Jean was going on the offensive!

Kyra did not expect Jean would go this far to defy his mother's orders.

At the same time, Neera happened to notice Kyra. She could tell that Kyra was not in a good mood.

Indeed, Kyra was glaring at Neera resentfully.

Neera turned her head away and followed Jean to greet Larry.

When Larry saw Neera, he immediately understood why Jean didn't want to introduce Kyra.

Earlier, when Wrenn declared that she would marry Jean to Kyra, Larry thought he might have misunderstood the relationship between Jean and Neera.

It turned out he was right after all. Neera was the woman Jean truly loved!

He quickly went up to the couple and said, "We meet again, Ms. Garcia! I hope you're enjoying the event so far. If I knew that you were willing to grace the gala with your presence, I would've extended an invitation to you."

Neera was very close to Larry. She smiled and said, "It's not too late to give me an invitation. If you don't, I might be worried you might chase me out with a broom!"

"I wouldn't dare! Not unless I want to incur Mr. Beauvort's wrath!" Larry laughed and replied.

The people around them witnessed the interaction. Some of them began to realize who Neera was.

"Ah, I remember now! That's Ms. Neera Garcia of Startales! She was trending on the Internet for some time, and she even has her own fan club! She's more popular than us!"

"Yeah! When I first saw her photo on the Internet, I thought it was edited, but it turns out she looks better in real life!"

"How did those two get together? They're practically a match made in heaven!"

"The CEOs of two big companies are dating each other. I shouldn't have believed in those television dramas!"

"Huh, I thought the rumors said that Sasha and Mr. Beauvort are a couple…"

Sasha happened to overhear that. She said, "That's enough! How can you believe unfounded rumors? Don't you see Ms. Garcia and Mr. Beauvort holding hands? It's obvious that Mr. Beauvort loves Ms. Garcia. You'd better shut up and don't involve me in this."

Sasha was almost whispering when she said that, but Kyra heard everything.

She felt like a clown.

From being ignored by Jean, to Neera's sudden appearance in matching outfits, Kyra had been made a fool.

She had never been humiliated like this before!


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