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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 504

When everyone heard Jean's voice, they immediately looked at him.

Jean's handsome appearance and extraordinary temperament amazed people. At this moment, the cold power exuding from his body was daunting.

When the triplets saw Jean, their eyes lit up, and they immediately gained confidence and hurried over to complain, "Daddy, they're so rude! We came first, but they want to drive us away!"

Seeing the angry triplets, Jean became even more gloomy. He could not see them getting wronged in the slightest!

"Don't worry. I'm here. No one has the right to drive you all away!"

The triplets were very excited after hearing that.

Ben's mother did not know Jean. When she heard that, she suddenly became angry and asked sharply, "What did you say?"

Jean said coldly, "I said no one has the right to drive them away! Get out!"

He was full of hostility and shocked the people present. Ben's mother had never been humiliated. She was so angry that she was about to go crazy.

At this moment, a fat man suddenly grabbed her hand.

Ben's mother was furious. "Why are you stopping me? Why don't you teach them a lesson..."

"Shut up!" Ben's father interrupted her angrily before she could finish speaking.

This reckless woman got me into trouble!

When he looked at Jean, he almost peed with fright.

"M... Mr. Beauvort!" He stuttered, "I didn't expect you to be the father of these children!"

As soon as this title came out, everyone was shocked and confused. Ben's mother was also stunned.

Mr. Beauvort? In Kingsview, apart from the top Beauvort family, there's no other Beauvort, right? But how is this possible?

Ben's mother had investigated the parents of all students in the school. Isn't Neera a single mother? Her three children use her last name. How could Jean become their father?

Shock and fear enveloped her, and she realized she had caused a lot of trouble!

Jean's tone was slightly cold. "What's wrong with that?"

Ben's father broke into a cold sweat and shook his head desperately. "No!"

He was pale and so frightened that he could not think of anything else to say other than apologizing.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Beauvort. Please forgive us. It was our fault! My wife didn't know that this was your seat. We'll leave now. Please take your time."

After saying that, he tremblingly wanted to take his wife and child away, but Jean would not let him go.

"Stop." He narrowed his eyes. "Your wife said she has been sending money to the school these years. What did she mean?"

Ben's father was scared and so angry that he wanted to slap his wife.

Jean's tone was frighteningly cold. "Why didn't I know that the schools under the Beauvort Group had received donations from others?"

The air pressure in the restaurant dropped because of Jean's sentence. Ben's father faltered and could not say a word.

Neera understood right away. That was not a donation but a bribe!

"Why don't you speak?" Jean turned to the teacher and ordered, "Where is the principal? Call him over!"

The teacher was so frightened that she trembled even as she spoke, "The principal went to the botanical garden to confirm the safety of the event. I'll go to him..."

The rest of the parents somewhat understood what happened. They did not say a word and waited to see the show. After ten minutes, the principal hurried back.

"Hello, Mr. Beauvort. Are you looking for me?" The principal did not know anything, was surprised, and flattered Jean.

Jean did not bother to talk nonsense with the principal, so he got straight to the point and questioned the matter.


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