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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 505

The principal turned pale, and his sweat dropped from his forehead.

Jean's tone was cold. "You have so much guts! I asked you to manage the school, but you regard the school as a place for you to make money!"

The principal never expected Jean to discover this matter. He still wanted to deny it tremblingly, "Mr. Beauvort, don't think it wrongly. We're only friends..."

Jean did not believe it at all. He snorted, and his tone became more indifferent. "I'll ask the Education Bureau to investigate this matter. As for whether you two are friends, you don't need to tell me. You can explain it to the Education Bureau and see if they'll believe it!"

Then, Jean issued the deportation order without mercy. "Now, as the leader of Beauvort Group, I'm informing you that I'll expel you! Pack your things! Leave the kindergarten!"

"Mr. Beauvort!" The principal looked at Jean panickedly. "I was wrong! Mr. Beauvort, please forgive me! Don't..."

Jean did not want to listen to him anymore, ignored him, and asked the people present, "Is the vice principal here?"

A man stood up immediately with a respectful look. "Mr. Beauvort, I'm here."

Jean looked at him indifferently and gave the order. "From now on, you'll be the new principal and manage all the affairs."

Unexpectedly, the vice principal got promoted. He was overjoyed and excited.

"Yes, Mr. Beauvort, thank you for your trust! I'll live up to my mission and run the kindergarten properly!"

Jean stared at him indifferently and warned him, "Remember what you said. I can promote you and can also make you resign."

The newly appointed principal was shuddering. He dared not to show any happiness and responded solemnly, "Yes, Mr. Beauvort!"

Jean continued, "Also, school is a place for children to learn and communicate, increase their knowledge, and improve their moral character. It must not be polluted. But a family insists on showing off their superiority, corrupting the school spirit, and bringing bad consequences to other parents and children. How do you deal with it according to the rules?"

The newly appointed principal was very sensible and immediately answered, "We can't let such a student stay in the school. It'll affect other students. We should expel him!"

Jean felt satisfied. "Okay, just follow this rule."

In only one sentence, Jean pronounced the fate of this troubled family! Ben's parents instantly turned pale.

"Mr. Beauvort, we were wrong! Can you give us another chance? Don't expel Ben! Please..."

Facing their cries for mercy, Jean did not even look at them.

The newly appointed principal immediately ordered his assistant, "Bring them away!"

Ben's parents still refused to leave and wanted to ask Jean for forgiveness, but the assistant drove them away.

Everyone was silent, nervous, and happy when the farce was over.

As Jean said, schools should be clean, simple and beautiful.

Ben's parents were arrogant, and Ben was also unreasonable. They had brought such a bad atmosphere into the school, and there had been several bullying incidents.

They had long been dissatisfied but could only pretend they did not see anything due to Ben's parents' status.

Unexpectedly, they met Jean today, and Ben's parents were finally unlucky!

Soon, Jean asked the teacher to arrange meals. Everyone returned to their seats, and the atmosphere became lively again.

The triplets were not in the mood to enjoy the food right now. All they thought about was Jean.

Daddy was so handsome! Being protected by him, we feel so at ease!

Even the quiet Harvey felt excited. When watching movies before, they knew that Daddy was a hero. But they had lacked paternal love since they were young, so they did not have intuitive feelings.

It was different now. Jean's domineering look got deeply engraved in the triplets' minds. They felt that Jean was their big hero!


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