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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 508

It was rare for Jean to smile with a hint of doting. "Yes, you three are amazing."

The triplets felt satisfied, quickly carved the names, picked a good place, and planted the saplings carefully.

In the afternoon, every family planted many small saplings. At night, work was over, and the teacher praised every child. They felt happy.

After dinner, everyone relaxed and was very tired. After all, everyone had rich or noble backgrounds. Neither adults nor children had ever done such physical work.

While bathing the triplets at night, Neera noticed that Penny's hands had blisters.

"Penny, do you feel pain?" Neera felt a little distressed.

Penny shook her head obediently. "It doesn't hurt. Don't worry."

The more Neera felt distressed when Penny said that.

After leaving the bathroom, she called Harvey and Sammy over.

Harvey and Sammy's hands were also scratched, reddish, and even a little bloodshot, but they said nothing.

Neera pursed her lips and said softly, "Come and sit down."

She took the ointment and applied it to the triplets' hands.

Sammy and Harvey were motionless and did not show pain. Penny's blisters popped, so she could not help but shrink back.

"It's okay. I'll blow on it. It won't hurt anymore," Neera coaxed patiently and gently.

Jean's heart softened when he saw this warm scene.

He did not make a sound or walk over. He only stood leaning against the wall and watched them silently.

After taking the ointment, Penny ran to Jean's side. "Daddy, are you injured?"

Without waiting for Jean's reaction, she turned to call Neera. "Mommy, help Daddy check it out!"

Neera thought Penny was right. A rich person like Jean must also have tender skin.

So, she walked over and cared about Jean. "Show your hands to me."

Jean looked at her pretty face and wanted to refuse, but he extended his hands silently.

Neera did not think much and checked carefully. Jean's face was handsome, and his hands were also good. The fingers were long and slender with distinct joints. The skin on the palms of the hands was delicate, with only a thin layer of calluses on the fingertips.

He was not injured. Only his knuckles were reddish. Neera applied some ointment to him and then withdrew her hand back.

However, Jean grabbed her hand back and said, "Let me look at your hands."

Neera was startled and subconsciously clenched her fists. "I'm not injured. I often touch rough medicinal materials while doing research. I can tolerate it much better than you."

Jean insisted. "Be obedient, spread your hands out. I'll know after seeing it."

He stared at her, and only her figure was in his pupils.

Neera's heart palpitated, and she unconsciously listened to his words. Jean felt satisfied and started to check, then let her go after confirming nothing was wrong.

Neera did not know whether Jean was intentional as his fingertips touched her palm vaguely.

Neera's eyelashes trembled, and she looked at him, only to see that his expression was as usual, as if nothing had happened. Even so, she still inexplicably felt nervous.

She always felt as if the place touched by Jean had been burned, hot, and itchy. A suspicious blush appeared on her cheeks. Fortunately, the warm yellow light shone on her face to cover it up.

"It's getting late. Go take a shower," Neera urged and dared not to look at Jean.

Jean nodded and went into the bathroom. Half an hour later, he came out of the shower with his hair wet. He wiped it as he walked. Because of this movement, the buttons of his pajamas opened a little. He revealed his muscular chest, and his casual state showed a bit of wildness. He looked so sexy.

Neera only glanced at him, and her heart was pounding. She got up quickly and went into the bathroom.

She saw Jean and the triplets on the balcony when she came out. She walked over curiously, only to find they were looking at the starry sky.

Penny was excited and pointed to a star in the sky. "It's so bright! It looks so close! I feel like I can pick it off with my hand!"


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