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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 509

Neera looked in the direction Penny pointed and found Penny was right.

The stars all over the sky looked like scattered gems and shone brightly. Neera had lived in the city for a long time and had not seen such a beautiful night sky for a long time.

The moon hung crookedly in the corner of the sky. Although it was not so bright, it was pure.

Unconsciously, Neera walked to Jean's side and admired the sky.

Jean turned to see Neera's delicate face, smelled the fragrance of her body, and became more gentle.

The five of them leaned against the railing and watched for a while. The triplets were unwilling to leave the balcony, but it was late. Neera drove them back to bed. "Go to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow."

The triplets pouted and had to give up. They slept in the middle, with Jean and Neera on either side.

Although Jean and Neera had slept together in the same bed before, they could not sleep for some reason.

Especially Jean. Even though they got separated by the triplets, he felt the familiar fragrance of Neera filling his breath.

He lay flat with his eyes closed and tried not to pay attention to Neera, but his mind was not obedient, and he inexplicably recalled the bizarre dream last night. He felt strange emotions and gradually became distracted.

On the other side of the bed, Neera lay on the bed, and her eyes looked aimlessly into the darkness.

She always felt that getting along with Jean recently was subtle, as if something was quietly growing between them, which was difficult to control.

After a long time, they slowly fell asleep under the confusion of thoughts.

Neera was sleeping in a daze when she heard a rustling sound at midnight. She woke up and felt the other side of the bed move. She opened her eyes and found Jean got up.

Under the moonlight, Neera saw Jean walk to the sofa and sit down. He leaned forward slightly with his head down and looked a little uncomfortable.

"Are you alright?" Neera suddenly became sober and sat up.

Jean did not expect her to wake up. He looked at her and said apologetically, "Sorry, did I wake you up?"

Neera shook her head and asked, "I'm fine. Is there something wrong with you?"

Jean frowned. "I feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach. Maybe I ate something dirty."

Neera knew his body was not good, and his stomach was weaker than ordinary people's. He probably could not get used to the food there.

She recalled that Jean did not seem to eat much tonight. He seemed to eat something wrong.

She got out of bed, rummaged through the medicine box, found medicine for him, and poured him warm water.

After Jean drank it, he urged Neera to go to bed, "Go to sleep. I'll be fine in a while."

Neera shook her head. "Let me stay with you."

Seeing her persistence, Jean had no choice but to give up persuading her. After a while, his discomfort still did not ease.

Seeing his frown and tiredness, Neera hesitated and said proactively, "Go and lie down."

Jean did not understand. "Why?"

Seeing that he did not move, Neera pulled him up and pushed him to the bed.

"Just lie down. I'll rub your stomach. You'll feel better."

Jean saw her solemn look and wanted to laugh, but he did not refuse.

Soon, Neera's hands were on his abdomen. She rubbed it with rhythm and force.

At first, Jean felt pretty good and felt his discomfort was lessening. But soon, he faintly felt something was wrong as he felt a strange impulse. He tensed up and quickly grabbed Neera's wrist.

"Thanks, I'm fine now. You can go to sleep."

Neera looked at him. "Really?"

Jean nodded slightly. "Um."

Neera could tell his voice was hoarse, but she did not know why. She did not think much about it, yawned, and slept without any worries.

After a quarter of an hour, she fell asleep. Jean smiled wryly. It's a rough night.


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