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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 510

It was not until dawn that Jean could no longer hold on and fell into a deep sleep. When Neera woke up, she felt a little sore in her neck.

She thought she had hit the triplets and was so frightened that she quickly opened her eyes. But when she saw the scene, she was even more stunned as she slept on Jean's arm and almost got into his arms!

Neera was startled. Her drowsiness disappeared, and she sat up immediately.

Just when she was about to turn over and get out of bed, Jean opened his eyes and saw her about to run away.

Neera was stunned. Jean's eyes were clear, and he sat up to move his arms. His gaze looked meaningful.

Neera was instantly embarrassed.

"I..." Neera wanted to explain but did not know what to say.

When she fell asleep, the triplets slept beside her. She did not know why she was on Jean's arm!

Where are the triplets? She quickly turned to search the room for the triplets, but she did not see anyone.

Jean looked at her embarrassed look and smiled. "I didn't expect your sleep state to be so bad."

Neera did not know how to retort. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to cover her face.

How should she explain it? Jean was sleeping soundly on the other side, and she rolled to his side and used his arm as a pillow! But she had no consciousness at all!

"Is your arm okay?" Neera was shy and could only show concern.

Jean said slowly, "It’s numb. Please give it a rub, or if something bad happens later..."

He stopped speaking just right.

Neera knew she was in the wrong, so she had no choice but to go over to massage him. Jean looked at her shy and deflated look and felt very good.

After a while, he showed kindness and let her go. "Okay, it's better now."

Upon hearing that, Neera quickly got off the bed. She had not seen the triplets, so she could not help but wonder. "Where are the kids?"

She picked up her phone and was about to call Harvey when she saw the them coming in from outside.

"Mommy, Daddy, good morning!" The triplets greeted Neera and Jean while bringing breakfast and placed them on the table.

"We woke up early and went to have breakfast together! These are for you two. Get up and eat it!"

Neera felt her heart warm. She smiled and praised them, "Thanks! You three are so good!"

As soon as the voice fell, the triplets asked innocently, "By the way, Mommy. Did you sleepwalk last night? Or are you afraid of the cold? Why did you hug Daddy?"

Neera was speechless. Oh! Why did they bring this up?

Jean could not help but giggle.

Neera blushed and glared at the triplets with feigned ferocity. "Why are you asking so much? Go to play somewhere else!"

After saying that, she did not dare to look at Jean and hurriedly ran into the bathroom to wash up. She moved as fast as if a beast was chasing behind her.

The triplets grinned when they saw her reaction. When they woke up early this morning, they began to play tricks when they saw that Neera was still soundly asleep. They deliberately squeezed her in!

Neera moved in vaguely based on instinct, and as she moved, she rolled into Jean's arms! Of course, it was their little secret. Neera would never know it.


After breakfast, they went downstairs. They still had to plant trees this morning, and the specific work was much the same as yesterday. When they got downstairs, many parents had already arrived.

When the teacher saw them, she immediately smiled and praised the triplets, "Ms. Garcia, your children are so sensible! When they came down this morning, they didn't ask anyone to take care of them. They finished their breakfast themselves and helped you two get breakfast when they left. I asked them why they didn't call you to eat together. They said you worked late last night and were still resting, so they didn't want to wake you. You're so lucky to have such well-behaved children!"

As soon as the words came out, the rest of the parents looked over.

Neera responded with a smile but was murmuring in her heart. She did not know why, but she always felt that the gazes of those parents were a bit ambiguous.


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