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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 513

Frederic immediately shook his head in disagreement, "That approach won't work."

Wrenn furrowed her brows, "Why not? If there was a first time, there could be a second time. He couldn't resist us last time, and it'll be the same this time!"

Frederic sighed, a bit troubled, "Back then, it wasn't that Jean couldn't resist us; he was unwell and didn't have the energy to argue. He never took that marriage seriously in the first place, and on top of that, the bride was forcibly sent over by the Garcia family. Don't you remember? They didn't even attend the wedding."

Wrenn snorted dismissively, "So what?"

"I know you've taken a liking to that girl from the Marks family, but think about it. If Jean refuses to marry her, can you force Kyra into his room? Would the Marks family agree to such a marriage? Not to mention, with Jean's health improving now, what would be his reaction when the time comes? He's already resisting this much, and he might throw Kyra out when the time comes!"

A man understands men the best, especially when it comes to his son.

"Moreover, it's not beneficial to force him to divorce the Garcia girl at this point. They are still treating our son, and she saved your life not long ago. She deserves credit, not disdain. Stirring up trouble now won't lead to a good outcome. We are reasonable people; we shouldn't be doing something like that."

The more Wrenn listened, the less she liked it, and she turned to him with an intense question, "What do you mean? Are you suggesting that we accept Neera?"

Frederic sighed, attempting to soothe her, "Of course not. Objectively speaking, that girl is quite good. She's beautiful and capable, and she holds a certain status now. However, accepting her three children is something I have trouble coming to terms with."

The Beauvort family has its principles.

Besides, no one likes the idea of having their son raise someone else's children.

Wrenn snorted again, "Then what do you suggest?"

"We should try a more subtle approach, avoiding extremities and leaving room for each other."

"What other subtle approach is there? I think your son is truly falling for her!"

At this statement, Wrenn's irritation flared up again.

Frederic pondered for a moment before saying, "We can start with the family aspect, exert a bit of pressure, and let other elders intervene. Besides, if Jean can't be persuaded, we can approach Neera privately and discuss terms. As long as she agrees to heal Jean and then divorce him, we're willing to offer rewards."

Wrenn narrowed her eyes, "And if she refuses?"

She couldn't imagine that the woman would willingly give up the title of Mrs. Beauvort!

Frederic contemplated, "If she refuses, then we'll resort to a more assertive method and push her to leave. We should start by being civil and only turn to force if necessary; we won't be unreasonable."

Wrenn remained unsatisfied, but after thinking it through, she knew it might be the only way.


Almost that very afternoon, Neera received a call from Frederic.

"Do you have a moment? Is Madam feeling unwell?" she asked, her demeanor polite as she picked up the call.

However, she refrained from addressing him as "Dad."

She knew Jean's parents didn't like it.

Frederic's tone was surprisingly amiable, "No, I just wanted to inquire if you have some time tomorrow for a meeting to discuss something."

He concluded with a meaningful addition, "I'd prefer Jean not to know about this, so please keep it confidential."

Neera squinted slightly upon hearing that and immediately caught onto the hint.

Without much ado, she agreed readily.

Regardless, since she was invited, she felt obligated given her current status. She wanted to see what the Beauvort family had to say.

On the other side, seeing her acquiesce, Wrenn felt a bit relieved that she seemed to understand the situation.

This way, she could give the Marks family some explanations as well!

Thinking of this, she called Dandy with a gentle and concerned tone, "How's Kyra?"

Dandy sounded rather distressed, "She's sick. Ever since she returned from the party the other night, she hasn't left her room. She can't even go to the set to work... filming has come to a halt..."

Wrenn was taken aback by how severe the situation was. "How could it be like this? I'm coming over to check on her right away!"


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