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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 514

After hanging up the phone, Dandy hurriedly entered Kyra's room and drew the curtains as she spoke.

"Aunt Wrenn is coming over soon. You better lie down!"

With the sunlight blocked out, the room fell into dimness.

Kyra was nestled on the soft cushion, scrolling through Twitter.

In these past few days, the buzz surrounding the annual gala she attended continued to grow.

The more Kyra read the more irritated she became. She had no intention of stepping outside and becoming the subject of ridicule.

"Why is she coming?" she asked with a hint of annoyance, tossing her phone aside.

Dandy gently pushed her, saying, "What else would she be coming for? She's here to see you. I told her you were quite unwell, and she's rushing over."

Kyra responded with a cold laugh. "Even if I fake being sick, what's the use? She's not Jean!"

Dandy disagreed with her attitude, advising her earnestly, "I know you're frustrated, but now is not the time for childish tantrums. Wrenn is the only person we can grasp onto at the moment. If she doesn't support you, you'll have no chance! No matter what, use the sympathy card. Make Wrenn feel guilty enough so that she'll do everything in her power to help you!"

Kyra was seething with suppressed anger, but she understood that Dandy's words held some truth. With a clenched jaw, she reluctantly complied.

Later that evening, Wrenn arrived.

Seeing Kyra lying in bed, looking pale and listless, Wrenn wore a remorseful expression.

"Kyra, blame Aunt Wrenn for being insensitive. Aunt Wrenn initially wanted to give you and Jean a chance, but that boy treated you so poorly. Let Aunt Wrenn apologize on Jean's behalf. You mustn't take it to heart."

Kyra was adept at acting, letting her tears flow on cue. She appeared to be a pitiful sight.

"Aunt Wrenn, don't blame Jean. It's my misfortune. These days, I've been sick and I've been thinking a lot. Perhaps Jean doesn't like me. If I persist, he'll only grow to despise me more. I've decided to... give up on him."

Tears flowed more profusely, wetting the pillow.

She portrayed herself as heartbroken, with a quivering voice and a submissive demeanor.

"This lifetime has already blessed me with the chance to know him. I've come to understand that being friends would be good too. I won't trouble him anymore. I only hope to watch him be happy from a distance."

Wrenn was immediately anxious, quickly trying to console her. "You're being far too submissive. Only you deserve Jean! Aunt Wrenn values you so much, you mustn't give up!"

"But Jean..."

"Rest assured, I can still make decisions about Jean's marriage. If I can make him marry Neera, I can make him marry you too! Before coming, his father and I had discussed it. We'll personally step in to persuade Neera and Jean to divorce. Then, we'll have Jean get engaged to you!"

A glimmer of determination flashed in Kyra's eyes, hidden beneath her facade. She gradually stopped her tears, but still looked downcast.

"Aunt Wrenn, you're still worrying about me too much. This plan might not work out. Jean dislikes being manipulated; he's had an experience with that before. He'll probably think that I've been scheming behind his back and blame me. I don't want him to hate me even more..."

"He won't, I promise you!"

Wrenn continued to reassure her. "With me backing you, what do you have to fear?"

She made numerous guarantees, as though she had everything under control.

Finally, she sighed and patted Kyra's hand. "You tend to overthink things. This ailment of yours is psychological. Aunt Wrenn came today to help you overcome this barrier. Just remember, you can relax. I have everything under control. Focus on recovering your health, and the future will come!"

Kyra's expression of despair and sadness showed a glimmer of change.

As if convinced, she forced a smile and said, "Aunt Wrenn, I understand. Thank you."

Soon after, Wrenn left.

Kyra discarded her sickly appearance and looked unusually pleased.

Dandy was particularly content in her heart. "See? I told you the sympathy card would work!"

She playfully tapped Kyra's face, looking quite proud.

"Only you are fit to be Mrs. Beauvort. So, relax and wait for Neera to be shown the door!"

With her "bright future" in mind, Kyra felt a sense of accomplishment.

"All right, stop locking yourself in. Cheer up; they're meeting tomorrow, right? Let's go too and eavesdrop on their conversation."

Hearing this, Kyra nodded. Her face was filled with a sense of satisfaction.


The next afternoon at 2.00 pm, she kept her appointment at the Busy Bean Cafe.

The cafe had an antique charm, with folding screens creating cozy little corners.

Neera, however, wasn't in the mood to admire the surroundings.

She saw Frederic and Wrenn already there and greeted them politely.

"Apologies for the wait."

Wrenn's expression didn't improve, and she ignored her.

Frederic was more amiable. "No problem. We arrived too early. Please, take a seat."


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