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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 518

In the afternoon, Neera seemed a bit distracted while she was working.

The densely packed words on the documents seemed never to make it to her brain.

She suddenly felt a bit disheartened.

Katy walked in with coffee and noticed something was off. She said, "Neera, what's wrong? You okay?"

Neera replied, "I'm fine, just a bit tired. I'll handle these documents tomorrow. I'm going to pick up the kids now."

Katy glanced at the time and felt puzzled. It wasn't even evening yet. Why was she picking up the kids so early?

Neera got into her car but did not move for quite a while. She pondered deeply. I always thought that I was calm enough, but the attitude of Frederic and Wrenn made me feel somehow upset.

In the evening, Neera sat on the sofa, sorting through emails after having dinner with the triplets. Sammy and Harvey were huddled around a laptop while sitting on the carpet. They seemed to be engrossed in something.

Suddenly, Sammy felt puzzled and said, "Mummy, someone is searching for your information online. They are offering a lot of money for you to treat them!"

This kind of thing happened often. Neera did not even look up when asked, "Where's the client from?"

Harvey checked and said, "They're in Kingsview, and the only information given is the surname, which is Leyva."

Neera frowned and smirked subtly. If it was someone from Kingsview with the surname Leyva at this particular time, who else could it be but Wrenn? Clearly, the Beauvort family was set on breaking up with Jean. I indeed felt somehow upset.

Neera said calmly, "It's fine. Just ignore it and decline the offer."

Harvey was astute and sensed something odd. He said, "Mommy, do you know who's behind this?"

Neera answered ambiguously, "I have an idea."

Sammy was curious and said, "Who is it?"

Neera hesitated and remained silent. I felt it was best not to tell the triplets what was going on for now.

"Probably Roxanne," Neera said. She was randomly picking a name to answer.

Upon hearing this, the triplets did not question it further.

"It's her again! Mommy, just ignore her!"

Then, Sammy swiftly declined the offer and closed the laptop.

The next morning.

Wrenn received feedback from the internet and found out that Nancy had declined her request for treatment. She was mad and almost lost her temper. I had even specifically mentioned my surname to show sincerity. Who dared to defy the Leyva family in Kingsview? She is just a doctor. After all, who does she think she is?

Just then, Kyra arrived. She sensed something was wrong after seeing Wrenn's mood. Kyra said, "Aunt Wrenn, what upset you so early? Take care of your health."

Wrenn said, "That Nancy, acting mighty just because she's a bit famous. She doesn't care about healing people, only about her reputation."

Kyra frowned, but she was not surprised. Luckily, I had already thought of a backup plan!

Kyra said, "If Nancy can reject even Jean's request, she wouldn't bother with anyone else's."

"Aunt Wrenn, please calm down. Nancy is a famous doctor; it's normal for her to be a bit arrogant. If this way isn't working, let's try another approach. Let's start with the Lopez family."

At this point, Frederic walked in and said, "The Lopez family? Which Lopez family are you talking about?"

Wrenn looked puzzled as well.

"It's the well-known medical family in Kingsview. Uncle Frederic, Aunt Wrenn, don't you remember? Months ago, before Jean met Neera, he was desperately looking for Nancy. He got rejected multiple times until Nancy came to Kingsview and went straight to Grace Hospital."

"This hospital is owned by the Lopez family. Rumor has it that Nancy and the current dean of the hospital, Isabella, are very close. Because of her, Nancy even took a position at Grace Hospital. She had performed multiple successful surgeries there. It's obvious that Nancy and Isabella are close friends."

Kyra's last sentence was filled with a hidden meaning. I hoped that Uncle Frederic and Aunt Wrenn would take direct action to pressure the Lopez family. That way, we could either force Nancy to cooperate or get her to agree to divorce Jean. Either way, it would solve two problems at once.


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