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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 519

Frederic and Wrenn could see how cunning Krya was.

However, this was exactly what they were hoping for. Neera's refusal was firm and left no room for negotiation. This meant we had to use certain tactics. Approaching the Lopez family may not be the best plan for now. However, it was not a bad plan.

Wrenn quickly decided. She smiled and said, "Krya, you're smart and always full of ideas."

Later that afternoon, at Grace Hospital.

Isabella was swamped as the patient load was overwhelming. Suddenly, she received a call from Fabio.

"Stop whatever you're doing. Come to the mansion now." Fabio spoke coldly and was straight to the point.

The very mention of returning to the mansion made Isabella frown.

"Mr. Lopez, I'm busy right now. Can I come after work?"

However, Fabio did not agree.

"No, come now," Fabio said, and he hung up the phone.

Isabella slumped in her chair. She was visibly frustrated. Alvin had been trying to reclaim his position as head of Grace Hospital. He had been pulling all sorts of stunts, both openly and privately. I have been truly frustrated recently and feared that Alvin might exploit any mistakes it made. The pressure was immense. Fortunately, Mr. Lopez had recently shown favor toward me. He seemed satisfied with what I did.

Isabella did not dare refuse when Fabio called her back. After delegating her tasks to the assistant, she hurried home.

When Isabella reached home, she spotted a couple seated on the sofa. I recognized them. They are Mr. Frederic and Madam Beauvort from the previous banquet. Hold on, what are they doing here? I am confused. The Lopex family was known for their medical lineage and rarely interacted with conglomerate families like them. The Beauvort family and the Lopez family have never had anything to do with each other, but today, why did they suddenly take the initiative to come to the door?

Isabella approached them and said gently, "Mr. Frederic, Madam Beauvort, hello."

Then she turned to Fabio and asked respectfully, "Mr. Lopez, why did you call me back?"

Before Fabio could respond, Wrenn spoke up.

"Ms. Lopez, it's unrelated to Mr. Lopez; we wanted to see you."

Isabella was taken aback and said, "Madam Beauvort, what can I do for you?"

Wrenn smiled and said, "I've already explained to Mr. Lopez what happened. Now, I'll get right to the point. Ms. Lopez, we've heard you know Ms. Nancy. We'd like you to introduce her to us. We want her to treat Jean."

Isabella was surprised after listening to Wrenn's words. She asked, "Isn't Mr. Beauvort recovering? Why do you need Ms. Nancy?" I knew that Neera had been treating Jean recently, and there had been improvements.

Wrenn said without expression, "We have our reasons. You don't need to know. Just do as we ask."

Wrenn's tone was filled with oppression, even when asking for a favor.

"Of course, we've come up with a proposal. I know the Lopez family has been trying to connect with the Smith family. In exchange for your help, I can help you make that connection. The Lopez family's reputation in the medical field will soar."

Wrenn mentioned an exchange instead of an appreciation.

Isabella was somewhat unhappy as she heard Wrenn was disrespectful to the Lopez family. However, it was an enticing offer!

Isabella and Fabio were both stunned. The Smith family was so successful and well-known in the medical field! The Lopez family was nothing compared to them!

Fabio turned his head to look at Isabella and gestured for her to accept the offer.

However, Isabella felt uneasy. I felt that something was odd. Why did the Beauvort family prefer not to continue the treatment with Neera and insist that Nancy help? I felt weirder the more I thought about it.

Isabella said, "Madam Beauvort, I understand your concern for Mr. Beauvort. But Neera is more than capable of treating Mr. Beauvort. You don't need to go through all this trouble to get Nancy involved."


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