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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 533

After ordering, the waiter served the food for a short while.

Jean picked up the juice and saluted Philbert.

"Dr. Philbert, I can't drink wine. I'll use juice instead. Thank you for developing an antidote to save my mom. I heard from Neera that you put effort into this matter."

Philbert also picked up his glass and smiled politely.

"You're welcome. I mainly wanted to help Neera. I've known her for many years. I'll help her when she's in any trouble."

Jean raised his eyebrows meaningfully. He could hear Philbert's affection for Neera.

He remained calm and smiled. "I know you and Neera are schoolmates and friends. It's common to help each other and don't need to take it seriously. But for me, I must show etiquette."

Upon saying that, Jean changed the topic and said with a helpless smile, "And not only for my mother but also for Neera."

Philbert's forehead twitched. "Oh? Why did you say that?"

"Thank you for helping Neera. The pressure on her has been relieved a lot. Every time she gets serious about her work, she completely ignores herself. I was worried that she would collapse from exhaustion. It was lucky that you could help her."

Philbert could not maintain his smile anymore. He had some doubt and frowned subconsciously.

"May I ask what is your relationship with Neera?"

Philbert had never heard Neera mention Jean before. But Jean seemed to have an unusual relationship with Neera. Philbert felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Jean seemed unaware and smiled calmly. "Neera hasn't told you yet?" He turned to look at Neera.

Neera was suddenly confused, looked at Jean blankly, and then glanced at Philbert.

She was listening to their chat and felt something was wrong. But before she could react, Jean threw the question at her!

She had a headache for a moment and did not know how to answer.

Jean's relationship with her was somewhat complicated. She thought Jean posed the question to her because he worried she would mind others knowing about their relationship. He might have let her make a choice.

She calmed herself and decided in her heart. Under their gaze, she looked at Philbert and slightly smiled.

"Jean and I are engaged."

She spoke so bluntly that Philbert was visibly stunned. "Engagement? Why have I never heard you mention it?"

His voice was a little unsteady and had an undercurrent surging in his eyes.

Neera was focused on the question and did not notice anything strange about him.

"Because we were developing an antidote, I never had time to tell you. As for my engagement with Jean, it got finalized after I returned to Kingsview."

She did not explain too much. Although her answer was ambiguous, it was true.

"I see..." Philbert murmured.

After a few seconds, he smiled again. "I didn't expect that. Congratulations."

Neera responded naturally, "Thank you."

Jean was satisfied after hearing that. Neera admitted their relationship. It made him feel good and full of joy.

Of course, he did not miss the look of loss in Philbert's eyes.

Jean could see Philbert's dejection even if Philbert showed absent-mindedness or a forced smile.

I guessed well. Philbert likes Neera!

This thought immediately made Jean feel a sense of crisis for no reason, and he was also slightly unhappy.

Neera was good enough, and he forgot that such an excellent woman never lacked men to like her.

Although the conversation continued during the meal, Philbert's mood was affected, and he felt a little lost.

After dinner, Philbert left quickly.


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