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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 534

Neera was unaware of the overt and covert rivalry between Jean and Philbert.

On the way back, she asked, "You don't mind if I say we have an engagement, right?"

Jean looked at her and answered casually, "I never mind about it. I worried at first that you would mind, but now it seems that you won't. I'm relieved."

Neera felt confused. What is he worried about? Why does he always have a hidden meaning in his words lately?

The car stopped in front of the house. After they bid farewell, they went home.

The triplets could not wait but rushed over to Neera when they heard the door open. They asked, "Mommy, how is dinner tonight?"

"What did you guys talk about?"

"Where's Uncle Jean? Why isn't he with you?"

Neera felt strange while taking off her shoes. Why are they so curious?

"We were only eating normally and talking casually. As for Jean, he has already gone back."

The triplets were unsatisfied with her answer. What they wanted to know was whether Neera and Jean's relationship improved! But obviously, there was nothing to ask from Neera. So they shifted their targets to Ian.

"Mommy, go and rest first! We'll take the doggies for a walk!" After saying that, they ran out quickly.

Neera shook her head helplessly and let them go.

The triplets went out excitedly and saw Ian already waiting in the opposite yard in advance.

"Mr. Assistant, how is it?" The triplets ran over and asked Ian hurriedly.

Ian looked back, lowered his voice, and briefly explained what happened tonight.

The triplets' eyes lit up when they heard that and were excited. Daddy, well done!

Before sleeping, they sat on the bed and chatted.

"Harvey, does Daddy have feelings for Mommy?" Penny looked forward to it.

Harvey was expressionless but nodded thoughtfully. "I think so. Daddy treats Mommy differently than before."

Sammy waved his fist and felt extremely excited. "I think so too! Daddy is definitely in love with Mommy!"

Penny giggled happily, then worried again. "But it seems that he hasn't discovered his feelings yet."

"So what?" Sammy was always upbeat. "As long as Daddy and Mommy are in love, everything will be easy to handle. If we work harder, we can reunite soon!"

Harvey nodded. "That's right. We still have to help them secretly."

He motioned for Sammy and Penny to get closer and began to discuss plans.

The next day, Adriana held the Startales' regular meeting. The conference mainly discussed the addition of skincare product processing factories in Kingsview.

"At present, the Kingsview production line is almost unable to supply the sales volume of Kingsview. The top priority is to set up factories as soon as possible and put them into large-scale production. In addition, we should also increase efforts to develop other series of products. We can't keep doing the same thing, or the income will decrease. Only by continuously introducing high-quality new products can we maintain competitiveness!"

Neera nodded and thought Adriana's words were correct. She had this idea a long time ago, but she put it on hold for a while because of the complicated things recently.

"Levi, I'll leave it to you to expand the factories. Neera, you'll be responsible for the development of new products. You need to pay attention that the development of medicines and cosmeceuticals are different, so we need to expand our research center in Kingsview, divide it into several departments, and strengthen the perfection of the system."

Neera nodded. "No problem!"

After the meeting, she immediately ordered Katy, "Go and see if there is suitable land or a factory for transfer. If there is one, buy it directly."

Katy understood. She got it done efficiently the next day.

"There happens to be a building for sale in the biomedical industrial park in the North District. Many large pharmaceutical factories and biological research centers are in this area. Many group companies are also developing there. But because the conditions are good, it's considered biochemically developed CBD, so the price is relatively high. You'd better check it yourself. I told the person in charge there to stay for a day and will give him a reply today."

Neera looked into it in detail and found it was a good fit. The price was indeed much higher than expected.

After pondering for a while, she made a decision. "I'll go over and take a look this afternoon."

Katy nodded. "I'll make an appointment with the person in charge."


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