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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 539

Even Marnie realized something was wrong and asked angrily, "Who are you? What is your relationship with Neera? Why do you keep interfering in our family affairs?"

Jean retorted, "Your family matters? I remember Neera is no longer in the Garcia family! Aren't you the ones who kicked her out in the first place? You're so shameless!"

Marnie was so angry that she almost exploded after being refuted by Jean. "Even if we drove her out, she has the blood of the Garcia family!"

Jean sarcastically asked, "Is the blood of the Garcia family noble? Does your family have a title inheritance? In addition, she's now a member of the Beauvort family! She's my wife! You think she has no one to rely on. That's why you bullied her repeatedly without any scruples!"

Everyone was shocked by Jean's words. What! This man is Jean Beauvort!

Susan and Roxanne were dumbfounded. They had never had the chance to meet Jean before and only heard that he was a dying man.

However, they never expected that the cheap gigolo they thought was Jean! Isn't he dying? He looks like he's not ill at all!

Susan and Roxanne felt puzzled, but Gladeon was calmer. He guessed right last time.

That's right. Only such a big shot can have a noble temperament and a strong aura.

As for Alfonso, he broke in cold sweat. He never thought that Jean would help Neera!

While Alfonso doubted Jean's physical condition, he was puzzled.

Shouldn't Neera get despised after she gets married? Why does Jean protect her?

Neera looked at Jean's stern expression and was about to cry.

She did not expect Jean to reveal his identity. But she felt touched because she knew he supported her.

After calming down, she looked at the Garcia family. Her eyes became cold and stern again.

"What are you all waiting for? Are you going to watch her arm break? Let Aunt Adriana go!"

The Garcia family did not expect things to develop in this situation.

Alfonso also trembled, but when he thought of the ANXIN Group, he was so motivated by the benefits that he took the risk and went all out!

"No matter who comes today, don't try to take Adriana away! Unless you sign the contract!"

After speaking, Alfonso looked at Jean arrogantly. "Mr. Beauvort, I'm your father-in-law. No matter how noble your status is, you should know some etiquette!"

Jean showed a mocking smile. "Father-in-law? You don't deserve it! My patience is limited. Let Neera's aunt go! Or I don't mind razing the Garcia Manor to the ground! Also, the ANXIN Group belongs to Neera. No one else can grab it!"

He revealed oppression, and his attitude was unreasonably potent.

The Garcia family was so shocked that they could not move and had no doubt about the authenticity of Jean's words.

Especially Alfonso, who had an inexplicable feeling that if he said one more word, Jean would immediately have someone take action!

For a while, the atmosphere froze to the extreme. In the end, Gladeon sighed and gave in. He glanced at a bodyguard and said, "Go and bring Adriana down."

Alfonso and Marnie were furious after hearing that. Marnie shouted, "Gladeon, what are you doing? Are you so afraid of him?"

Gladeon frowned and glared at her angrily. "Stop making a fuss! Do you want to make Susan disabled or want them to destroy the Garcia Manor?"

Gladeon was more experienced. So he knew the Garcia family had no chance of winning against Jean. If he had taken the initiative to let Adriana go, Jean would not hurt the Garcia family!

After weighing the pros and cons, Gladeon insisted on asking the bodyguards to go upstairs to release Adriana. The others looked unwilling and angry, but they could do nothing.


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