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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 538

It happened so suddenly. Roxanne screamed in fright and hurried over to help Susan. "Mom, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Susan grimaced in pain and could not even speak.

Roxanne was so angry that she turned to Ian and cursed, "What are you doing? How dare you kick my mom!"

Ian tilted his head and smiled mockingly. "She wanted to attack Ms. Garcia! She deserves it!"

If Mr. Beauvort and I hadn't arrived in time, that vase would have hit Ms. Garcia's face!

Roxanne was furious and shouted at Alfonso, "Dad, they're bullying us!"

Alfonso was also shocked when he saw the chaotic scene. When he saw Jean protecting Neera, his expression darkened.

It's this cheap gigolo again! He always spoils my good deeds!

"Who allowed you to come in? Get out!" Alfonso gritted his teeth and roared anxiously.

Jean paid no attention to Alfonso and focused on Neera. He already checked on her, but he was still worried. "Are you injured?"

Neera shook her head. "I'm fine. Why are you here?"

"The triplets worried about you. They thought you would suffer and asked me to take you back."

After speaking, Jean suddenly looked at Susan, and a frightening hostility flashed in his cold eyes. He was like looking at a dead person!

"Did you intend to hit Neera with a vase?" Jean's voice was indifferent.

Susan suddenly felt a chill wrapping her tightly. She could not help but shiver and dare not to speak.

Jean said coldly, "Are your hands used to hit people? Since it's of no use, just break it."

Ian understood Jean's meaning and took action.

The next second, Ian twisted Susan's arm and broke it!

Susan let out a heart-piercing cry, accompanied by the faint sound of bones breaking!

This scene was terrifying. Roxanne was so frightened that she fell to the ground in horror. The others were also shocked.

Gladeon immediately stood up and glared at Jean. "Stop! What are you doing? Here is the Garcia Manor! How dare you hurt people here! You guys have gone too far! You're lawless!"

"Lawless?" Jean sneered. "When you imprisoned Neera's aunt, did you ever think about laws? You all insulted and bullied Neera and even wanted to hit her with a vase. You guys have also gone too far."

It was evident that he got angry. If he had come later, Neera would have gotten bullied!

Gladeon choked upon hearing that.

Jean continued, "If you don't want this woman to become disabled, release Neera's aunt now!"

How could Alfonso comply? He yelled at Jean angrily, "This is our business! What right do you have to intervene in us? Get out of here! Or don't blame me for driving you away!"

Although Alfonso did not know about Jean's identity, he relied on the fact that it was his home and there were many bodyguards, so he was more confident.

He signaled several bodyguards to step forward and surround Jean and the others!

Ian smiled. "Are you going to outnumber us? Good! You're so courageous!"

After saying that, he snapped his fingers. The next moment, a dozen men in black entered and surrounded the living room within half a minute!

The Garcia family could not help being shocked by the scene.

The bodyguards they hired were only employees of the security company. Although they were skilled, they were only average. In contrast, Jean's bodyguards looked well-trained, and their aura was strong. It was evident that Alfonso's bodyguards could not defeat them!

Alfonso was surprised and looked at Jean again. His expression changed.

Who is this man? How could he be only a cheap gigolo when he could gather such powerful bodyguards?


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