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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 542

Adriana could not help but want to laugh. "Silly girl. Do you think we can be together forever when we still love each other? If only it were that easy."

She sighed again. "After all, we've been separated for many years. As we reach middle age, we've already passed the time of lovey-dovey. No one can guarantee that we'll treat each other as before."

Neera did not understand. "But you have had a wonderful relationship before. It's better than starting from scratch, right?"

Adriana fell into thoughts as if she was recalling the past years.

"As we had a beautiful past, there's a comparison. If we reconcile rashly, we may have conflicts in the future if there's a big gap because of the goodness before. We may feel disappointed and even destroy our wonderful past. If we'll end up like that, I would rather not start over."

Neera frowned. "But you won't know the outcome if you don't try."

"Silly girl, you're still young and can try, but we're different." Adriana smiled bitterly. "We're getting older. We can no longer struggle as before and withstand failed relationships."

Neera pursed her lips in silence. She roughly understood Adriana's thoughts and could only respect Adriana. "Take your time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's good for you to get to know him again."

She sighed and comforted Adriana, "Now the Garcia family has no control over you. No one else will interfere in your affairs."

Adriana picked up the wine glass again and drank it one gulp. She smiled lightly.

"I regret it very much. Over the years, I've often wondered why I couldn't be willful, follow my heart, and be with my ex firmly, or we wouldn't have wasted so many years. You know what? When I saw him again and heard that he was never married, I wasn't happy but felt heartbroken. He was determined to be with me, but I left him. I delayed his happiness. Whenever I think about him, I tell myself that my choice isn't wrong. But in the end, I realize that the so-called family is only my self-righteousness. They're not worthy of my compromise!"

In these years, Adriana had hardly mentioned her past events, let alone expressed her feelings.

Neera knew that Adriana was sad.

Adriana must feel bitter to hide such a heavy and depressing mind.

She walked over and hugged Adriana, just like Adriana hugged her whenever she could not bear the sadness. She did not need to say anything and only accompanied Adriana quietly.

Later, Adriana was a little drunk. Neera helped Adriana back to rest, but Neera did not feel sleepy.

Adriana's question echoed over and over in her mind. "Have you ever thought of becoming a real couple with Jean?"

To be with Jean?

Next door, Jean stayed up to deal with business in the study. For some reason, he was a little distracted tonight.

Everything that happened at the Garcia Manor tonight occupied his mind.

He only met the Garcia family a few times. But every time, he could see their aggressiveness and shamelessness!

Although Neera seemed to be doing well, he was inexplicably unhappy.

Thinking of Neera's harsh words toward the Garcia family, he narrowed his eyes and called Ian in.

"Go and check the recent situation of the Garcia Group. Keep an eye on it later. Pay more attention to Neera's company."

Ian nodded in acceptance of the order.

The next day, Ian returned with the news when Jean woke up.

"The current situation of Garcia Group is bad. Projects are lost, funds are in short supply, and the few remaining cooperation situations are in a mess and are at a standstill. No wonder the Garcia family is shameless in trying to get ANXIN Group with means!"


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