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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 543

After Jean roughly understood Garcia Group's situation, he showed a trace of disdain.

Ian could not help but say, "The Garcia family is weird. They wanted something from Ms. Garcia but resorted to such vile methods and cut off their last chance to save their situation!"

Jean sat at the dining table, picked up the coffee casually, and took a sip.

"They're not stupid. They know Neera won't help them. As for Adriana, she's determined to give Neera the ANXIN Group. They won't get anything, so they made this move."

Ian looked down on the Garcia family. "They deserve it! Even though they treated Ms. Garcia like that, Ms. Garcia didn't retaliate after returning to Kingsview. It's the last tolerance for them. But they thought Ms. Garcia was easy to control and even threatened her with her aunt! They're too disgusting!"

As Ian spoke, he was a little worried again. "Mr. Beauvort, the Garcia family failed to achieve their goal this time. They won't let Ms. Garcia go. They even imprisoned Ms. Garcia's aunt. Who knows what despicable methods they'll use next time? Do we need to help Ms. Garcia?"

He looked at Jean and expected to get some instructions, but Jean shook his head calmly. "You only need to watch them and report to me if there's any situation. Don't need to do anything else."

Ian was a little surprised.

"What's wrong? Do you have any suggestions? Or opinions?" Jean glanced at Ian and asked casually.

Ian shook his head quickly. "No, I thought you would help Ms. Garcia deal with the Garcia family in advance. After all, they may threaten Ms. Garcia..."

Jean raised his eyebrows with a smile. "Have you done too few errands recently? Do you still have the time to ponder my thoughts?"

Ian shuddered and answered carefully, "Mr. Beauvort, you misunderstood me. I'm only worried that something will happen to Ms. Garcia and will delay your treatment."

Jean sneered. "She's not that fragile. The Garcia family can't do anything to her."

Seeing that Jean did not target him, Ian secretly breathed a sigh of relief and humbly asked, "Mr. Beauvort, are you sure?"

Jean said nothing and drank all the coffee. Neera's proud face suddenly appeared in his mind.

He smiled slightly. "Of course. Neera has said to take away everything the Garcia family cares about. She can do it."

Moreover, it was a grudge between her and the Garcia family. She was so independent and stubborn. She hoped to solve the problem instead of someone else's help.

After Ian came out, he let out a long breath and could not help but complain in his heart.

Look how affectionately he called Ms. Garcia! Although he looks calm, if something happens to Ms. Garcia, he'll crush the Garcia family to death!


Neera was also investigating the situation of the Garcia Group, and the result was naturally similar to that of Jean's side.

"Garcia Group has unsuccessfully invested in several important projects. It's estimated to be at least several hundred million. That's an astronomical amount for the current Garcia Group. Alfonso also has invested in several foreign real estate before, but there was a dispute over property rights. So he still couldn't develop it. Most of Garcia Group's funds were spent there for nothing."

As Katy spoke, she handed some information to Neera.

"Alfonso also invested in products such as cosmetics and skincare. He thought it would be profitable, but in the end, because he kept costs low, the products he produced were all inferior. Most of them failed to pass the test and caused serious losses."

Neera showed a bit of contempt. Alfonso has the talent to run a good company into a mess!

She did not bother to pay attention to those and turned to ask about the things she cared about the most, "How is Garcia Group's electronic research and development now?"

Adriana launched and specialized in Garcia Group's electronic products back then. Her mother, Stacy, was also involved in it.

In the past few years, this branch of industry made a lot of money for the Garcia Group. It was also the only valuable thing in the Garcia Group.

Katy said, "Their electronic research and development isn't good now. Many such products have been on the market in recent years and caused market compression. Due to Garcia Group's poor management and Alfonso's neglect, it hasn't innovated for a long time. So it's completely uncompetitive."

Neera could not help but sneer. "Alfonso is short-sighted!"

At that time, Garcia Group's electronic products were far ahead in the industry and obtained several patents. Until now, no company could copy them.

If Alfonso could grasp it well, increase efforts in development, and continue to innovate it, he would dominate the market far beyond the existing products. However, he only made money without considering its value.

"Alfonso is so stupid that he doesn't know how to cherish it. No wonder the Garcia Group becomes worse!"

Neera quickly thought and made a prompt decision. "Katy, think of a way to acquire this patent."

Katy felt a little surprised after hearing that. However, she knew Neera had her reasons for doing things, so she did not ask any more questions and nodded in agreement.


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