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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 544

At noon, Neera and Adriana had lunch together. While chatting, Neera told Adriana about her decision, and her attitude was evident.

"Aunt Adriana, I've tolerated the Garcia family for many years. I didn't want to make things too extreme, but they've repeatedly provoked me and even targeted you and the triplets. I can't tolerate them anymore. Acquiring Garcia Group's electronics is only the beginning."

Neera said it calmly while watching Adriana and waiting for her reaction.

After hearing that, Adriana was calm. "The company is yours now. You can decide whatever you want."

She knew Neera was explaining to her. But it was not necessary.

"I know how the Garcia family treated you back then. You've endured for me in the past few years. The Garcia family will never be able to repay the grievances you've suffered. So don't worry about anything. Just do what you want."

As for the Garcia family, after yesterday's incident, she was disheartened and no longer had any expectations.

Neera expected Adriana's answer, but what Adriana said still touched her.

She held Adriana's hand. "Aunt Adriana, you have me and the triplets. We'll always be with you."

Neera instantly soothed Adriana's emotions. Adriana smiled gently and lovingly. "Yes, I still have you and three cutest nephews. Nothing is more precious than you all."


Garcia Group, Office of the Chairman.

Alfonso listened to the assistant's report sullenly.

"If we can't raise funds, the resort project we invested in a few months ago will stall again. Now, the bank has refused to grant us any more loans. If this continues, the company will be in an extremely disadvantageous position. What should we do?"

Alfonso's expression darkened, and he was anxious and angry.

What else could he do? If he could merge with ANXIN Group, not only would all the difficulties be solved, but he would also be able to reach a higher level and make countless profits! How could there be this problem?

He was so angry that he had no choice but to scold Neera and Adriana in his heart!

The assistant also looked troubled. After pondering for a long time, he could only focus on the Fain family. "Mr. Alfonso, can we ask Fain Enterprises for help?"

Alfonso did not even think about it and said firmly, "No way!"

The Fain family was still eyeing the Garcia Group for the benefits!

Since Garcia Group could not merge with ANXIN Group, Fain Enterprises would not help and might even end the relationship between the two companies at any time!

While thinking about it, Alfonso became even more gloomy.

The assistant was helpless and had no other option. "Now the company has nowhere to go. We probably can only cut down and sell some of our properties."

Alfonso frowned and felt that the proposal would not work. "What remaining properties of the company have value?"

The assistant poured Alfonso a glass of water. "We can sell the R&D patents of our electronic products! Although this patent and technology are a bit outdated and are useless to stay in our company, some small and medium-sized enterprises are still interested in it. We may be able to sell it at a great price!"

Alfonso hesitated when he heard that the patent was valuable.

The assistant knew what Alfonso was thinking and continued, "This section was able to maintain its capital in the first two years, but it hasn't made any money in the past few years, and it's all losses. Now that electronic products are changing so fast, our patent has never been innovative. It'll get eliminated. Our company can no longer support the research and development team, so it's better to sell it as soon as possible!"

After struggling for a long time, Alfonso agreed gloomily. "Okay, do as you said. Find a buyer and sell it. Set the price as high as possible!"

The assistant took the order and went to work soon.

So, Neera received a call from Katy that evening. "Neera, I have good news! Garcia Group wants to sell this patent!"


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