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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 546

Listening to her voice, Jean guessed that Neera was a little drunk. He got up, left the study while holding his phone, and entered the bedroom to change clothes.

"Wait for me. I'll go there right away."

He was worried and added, "Be obedient. Don't run around."

Neera realized she had made a wrong call and was about to refuse, but she heard the sound of the door opening on Jean's side.

She could only smile helplessly. "Okay."

Putting away her phone, she felt hot and stood up apologetically. "Ms. Strickland, I'll go to the restroom."

Skye was a little worried. "Let me accompany you."

Neera smiled. "It's okay. I'm only a little drunk. I still have consciousness."

After leaving the private room, she walked toward the restroom.

Perhaps because she was drunk, her reaction was a little slow, so she did not realize that a sharp gaze was staring at her.

Roxanne did not expect to meet Neera here.

She had an appointment with Zachary today. But after waiting for an hour, she did not see him.

After getting through the phone call, Zachary was impatient. "I told you I don't have time! Eat it yourself!"

Roxanne was angry and wronged. Zachary was not as fond of her as he used to be and did not even want to talk to her, let alone meet her. If the situation continued like this, her efforts would be in vain!

Roxanne was in a bad mood and did not expect to see a drunk Neera. A hint of sinister slipped through her eyes.

She immediately called Alfonso, "Dad, I saw Neera! She's drunk! It's a perfect chance!"

Alfonso did not react at first. "What chance?"

"She refused us to sign before. Now she's drunk. We can force her to sign it!"

Alfonso's eyes lit up, and he stood up quickly. "Yes! That's right! Keep an eye on her! I'll go there with the documents now!"

Roxanne assured him, "Don't worry! I'll ask someone for help right now!"

Neera patted her face with cold water and felt much better. Just as she was drying her hands, the door opened.

Roxanne broke in with a group of people, and everyone inside was shocked.

Someone shouted angrily, "Who are you? Here is the women's restroom! Get out!"

Roxanne walked out from behind the crowd and looked incredibly haughty. "It's none of your business! Get out!"

She glanced at Neera first and then drove others away aggressively. Those people had never seen such a scene before. They were angry and afraid and left quickly.

Neera did not move and was calm. "What do you want to do?"

Roxanne chuckled. "Can't you see? I'm looking for trouble!"

After saying that, she hinted at the friends beside her.

Soon, a guy came forward arrogantly and smiled evilly. "Roze, you said she's your sister? She's quite pretty!"

Roxanne scoffed. "Yes, if you're interested in her, I'll send her to your bed!"

Upon hearing that, Neera glared at Roxanne. "Do you dare to say that again?"

Roxanne was not afraid of Neera, so she repeated her words. Neera narrowed her eyes and walked toward Roxanne slowly.

Roxanne had suffered in Neera's hands before. She subconsciously backed away, frowned, and was full of vigilance.

"What do you want to do? I warn you! I have people here! Don't try to hit me!"

Neera smiled playfully. "Are you threatening me? Do you think I'll be afraid?"

After saying that, Neera slapped Roxanne hard.

Then, Neera grabbed Roxanne's hair and pulled it back forcefully. She looked at Roxanne coldly.

"Bring people to block and insult me, huh? You must like to get my slaps!"

Roxanne felt like her scalp would get ripped off and screamed in pain. "Neera! Let me go! Are you looking for death?"

Neera sneered. "Didn't you ask for this?"

Roxanne could not get away. She was anxious and angry. "Why are you still standing there? Ah! It hurts! Pull her away!"

The others were stunned and frightened by Neera's powerful aura. They did not expect Neera to be so fierce.

When Roxanne yelled again, they belatedly tried to save her.


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