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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 547

However, seeing Neera's imposing momentum, they hesitated. No one stepped forward.

Roxanne was so angry that she yelled at them, "She's alone! Why are you so cowardly? Help me quickly!"

Several people looked at each other and thought it made sense.

Neera let out a light sneer with a hint of arrogance. "I advise you not to do anything, or I can't guarantee your consequences!"

The man who just spoke immediately smiled disdainfully. "You can't deal with so many of us!"

A flash of coldness flashed across Neera's eyes, but she still spoke calmly. "Maybe I can't deal with you all. But so what? Have you ever thought I'm not a person you can offend?"

She deliberately lowered her voice and looked powerful.

Sure enough, those people hesitated again. They did not know much about Neera's identity. They only knew she was an abandoned daughter of the Garcia family with no power or influence. But now, looking at the well-dressed Neera, her aura made her feel like she had been in a position of power for a long time.

They faltered and looked at Roxanne. "Is she indeed an abandoned daughter?"

Roxanne was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and yelled. "Otherwise? She's only a b*tch with a chaotic life! Don't be scared! She's the best at acting! She always seduces men..."

Seeing that Roxanne did not forget to slander her, Neera sneered. She suddenly pushed Roxanne back with force.

Roxanne's back hit the door panel. She felt numb, and her face was distorted, like a mad woman.

She stared at Neera with resentment, like a poisonous snake. "Neera, you b*tch! I won't let you step out of here tonight!"

Neera's eyes were piercing, but she did not say anything.

To deal with Alfonso last time, she spilled all the medicinal powder on him and forgot to bring new ones today. Although she could not deal with many people, she was not afraid.

Jean was already on his way. If he did not see her, he would find her. She wanted to see what Roxanne wanted to do!

After everyone was in a stalemate for about ten minutes, Alfonso hurried over with his bodyguards.

Upon seeing him, Roxanne rushed to file a complaint, "Dad, she hit me again! She bullied me! You must teach her a lesson!"

Alfonso looked at Roxanne's embarrassed and funny look and felt nothing. He casually calmed her down and then threatened Neera coldly. "Are you going to follow us or let the bodyguards take you away forcibly?"

Neera glanced at the document bag in his hand and immediately guessed their purpose. "It seems you haven't given up yet and still covet ANXIN Group."

Roxanne gritted her teeth. "Covet? ANXIN Group belongs to us! You're greedy for riches and forcibly occupy it!"

Alfonso also sneered. "Don't talk any more nonsense! Are you following us or not? Or do you want to settle everything here?"

Neera pursed her lips slightly. In the current situation, they had many people, and she could not escape. Moreover, she was a little drunk. If they took her away, the consequences would be disastrous.

Thinking of that, she said coldly, "I'll follow."

Roxanne became proud. "Aren't you stubborn just now? You still can't escape me!"

Neera did not care. "Really? Don't say that too early."

"You..." Roxanne wanted to argue with Neera, but Alfonso glared at Roxanne.

"Enough! Don't make trouble!" With such a good opportunity, he did not want to waste time and make any mishaps.

Roxanne was pissed off but did not dare to say anything more.

Soon, Alfonso asked the bodyguards to follow Neera to the private room. As soon as he entered the door, he threw the documents on the table.

"This is ANXIN Group's equity transfer document. After you sign it, you can leave, or I don't mind forcing you!"


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