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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 549

The passing waiter thought there was a conflict inside. He was afraid that the disturbance would affect the whole restaurant, so he immediately knocked on the door and went in to confirm the situation.

At the same time, Jean and others had seen the surveillance. The screen showed that Roxanne led someone in after Neera entered the restroom.

Except for the initial departure of unrelated people, Neera never came out. It was not until ten minutes later Alfonso came with another group of people.

About five minutes later, everyone came out. Neera was taken to another private room by them!

"No wonder we can't find Ms. Garcia..." Ian muttered and subconsciously looked toward Jean.

The deep sullenness appeared in Jean's eyes. It's the Garcia family again!

Jean hurried over with his people. When they arrived, Alfonso's impatient voice came out. "It's none of your business! Get out! I'm teaching my daughter a lesson..."

Before he finished speaking, Neera immediately denied it, "I'm not his daughter! Please call the police! They broke into the women's restroom, forced me to come here, and asked me to hand over my property!"

"And this woman," Neera pointed at Roxanne and said coldly, "She tried to hit me with a vase! They're threatening, coercing, and attempting to hurt me! They've caused me serious trouble! I must let the police take them away!"

"Neera, you're talking nonsense!" Roxanne yelled angrily.

"Nonsense? The police will find out when they come!" Neera refused to give in.

The waiter looked at the broken vase on the ground and felt troubled. If the police came, this matter would become a big deal and impact the restaurant. But if he was left to solve it, there was no surveillance in this private room, so he did not know the situation.

Outside the door, Jean became gloomy upon hearing that. He stepped in and walked to Neera's side.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Jean and the people behind him. The waiter quickly asked his manager for instructions.

The manager glanced at Jean and then glared at the waiter. "Call the police!"

The waiter did not dare to neglect the manager and hurried out.

Alfonso and Roxanne became anxious. Why is Jean here?

Jean ignored them and checked on Neera. His eyes were full of worries. "Didn't I tell you to stop running around and wait for me? Are you hurt?"

When Neera saw him coming, she immediately relaxed. "No, sorry..."

After saying that, she swayed and subconsciously held Jean's arm.

Jean froze for a moment. "What's wrong?"

Neera whispered, "I drank some wine and felt a little dizzy..."

Jean's eyes instantly turned cold. She had been forcing herself to hold on before I came!

A feeling of distress emerged from his heart. He hugged Neera's shoulders to let her lean firmly into his arms.

The next moment, he stared at Alfonso and Roxanne coldly as if looking at dead people.

"Mr. Alfonso, it seems you don't take me seriously. That's why you dare to keep targeting Neera!"

Roxanne was so frightened that she fell silent, and her previous arrogance disappeared in an instant.

Alfonso also trembled all over and broke into a cold sweat. "No, Mr. Beauvort! You misunderstood me. I only want to talk to Neera."

"Misunderstanding?" Jean looked gloomy. "While Neera was drunk, you blocked her, took her to this place, and forced her to sign. You told me this was a misunderstanding? Do you misunderstand the word misunderstanding?"

Alfonso was pissed off but dared not speak. He could only say tremblingly, "I..."

Jean was too lazy to talk nonsense to Alfonso. "You can explain it to the police!"

He looked at Ian and ordered straightly, "Keep an eye on them! Don't let go of anyone involved in this incident! Also, search for evidence and hand it over to the police!"

After saying that, he hugged Neera and turned to leave.


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