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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 550

After leaving the restaurant, Neera felt dizzy when blown by the breeze. Her whole body was limp, and she had no strength.

She could not help but lean on Jean.

After helping Neera into the car, Jean sat in, closed the door, and brought a bag sideways.

Neera was still conscious and saw Jean take out the water and hangover medicine.

She could not help but laugh. "You're amazing. You have everything in your car."

Jean gave her the water and two pills. "I took it from home before I went out. I was worried about you getting drunk."

Neera felt warm and was speechless for a while.

Being stared at by her, Jean felt helpless, and his voice softened unconsciously. "Eat it. Don't you feel dizzy?"

"Hmm." Neera blinked and took the medicine in one gulp without even looking at it.

Jean took the unfinished water and put it aside. "Sleep for a while. I'll wake you when we get home."

After saying that, he remembered something again and said gently, "Tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

Neera nodded, closed her eyes, and leaned back on the seat. As her head had no fulcrum, she felt dizzy and uncomfortable. She could not sleep and frowned.

Jean had been paying attention to her. When he saw that, he reached out, lifted her head, and leaned it on his shoulder.

"Have a nice sleep," Jean whispered, then covered Neera with his coat.

Neera leaned against him. Her nose filled with Jean's pleasant smell.

She closed her eyes and did not take long before she fell asleep.

On the other side, Alfonso and Roxanne got into the police station, including the person involved, who were all arrested.

Ian watched the matter end before returning to the car.

When he wanted to close the car door, he heard Jean's whisper, "Close it softly."

Ian was stunned for a moment and immediately understood. He carefully closed the car door and drove back after reporting to Jean.

When they arrived at Imperial Gardens, Neera was still asleep. Jean did not wake her but picked her up and sent her into the villa.

Adriana also just returned and was about to go upstairs to change. She turned to open the door when she heard the sound outside.

Seeing that Neera was sleeping soundly in Jean's arms, Adriana was surprised. "How did Neera get drunk like this?"

Jean explained briefly, "She was neither very drunk nor fainted. She fell asleep on the way back."

Adriana stepped aside and let Jean carry Neera up. After putting Neera on her bed, Jean came down.

"Thanks for your help! Or Neera would be difficult to come back," Adriana thanked Jean.

"You're welcome," Jean responded and was about to bid farewell. But he felt he still had to tell Adriana about what happened tonight.

A few minutes later, Adriana became gloomy. "I underestimated the shamelessness of the Garcia family! I didn't expect them to threaten Neera when she was alone!"

She barely suppressed her anger and thanked Jean again.

Jean nodded and left quickly. As for the Garcia family, it was right to send them to the police station to learn some lessons because they had used all means for their benefit!

Adriana was angry and ignored the Garcia family's trouble. She went upstairs and glanced at Neera to make sure Neera was fast asleep before going to rest.

The next day, Neera woke up without a hangover headache. She left the room and was about to go downstairs when she saw the triplets eavesdropping at Adriana's door.

She walked over doubtfully. The triplets spotted her and immediately hinted at her to be quiet.

Neera felt amused and aroused her curiosity, so she stood aside and listened to Adriana's voice inside. Adriana seemed to be arguing with someone else.

"I don't welcome you! I won't let you enter the villa area! I made it clear enough last time. I have nothing to do with the Garcia family anymore! It's useless to say anything. You're here for Alfonso, but have you ever known what Neera suffered? He deserved to get imprisoned!"


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