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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 555

This bothered Neera.

Why are there so many misunderstandings this evening?

She was ready to decline, but Jean replied calmly, "Let's do it. How much do you charge for a photo?"

The photographer's eyes lit up, and he exclaimed, "Oh! It's quite affordable! 500 dollars for a photo!"

Neera was dumbstruck.

500 dollars for just one picture?! This is a rip-off! Photo-taking services at scenic locations typically cost between fifty and one hundred dollars at most. Even tourist spots don't charge this much.

As she was about to object, Jean stepped in and said, Hmm, that sounds reasonable. Let's proceed."

Neera was in disbelief.


She glanced at Jean, thinking she was staring at an unlucky fool.

The photographer was surprised to meet a generous customer. He widened his eyes in disbelief, as if he were staring at someone to take advantage of.

"Well, are we doing this or what? Jean asked with a hint of impatience.

The photographer quickly came to his senses.

"Of course!" he exclaimed, rubbing his hands together. "If the picture doesn't turn out well, it's on the house!"

Neera raised an eyebrow and reminded him, "Remember your promise."

He nodded repeatedly, barely able to contain his grin. He looked around and pointed to the right.

"Come with me; stand over here. We'll get the background of the fireworks over the ocean. It's the perfect setting!"

Both followed his lead, walking shoulder to shoulder, and then positioned themselves for the shot.

As the photographer aimed his lens at them, he paused, taking in the image on his screen with an odd look.

Tilting his head, he commented, "Hey, guys. Your posture is too stiff! You need to loosen up."

Neera didn't understand the fuss. She questioned, "What's the issue? Can't we just stand like this?"

The photographer raised an eyebrow at her query. He responded, "It's not about that, but aren't you two a couple? You should be closer. The distance between you two seems more suitable for acquaintances. You appear to be two political leaders posing for an official photograph. The only thing missing is an official caption!"

Both Jean and Neera were speechless.

Neera blushed. She retorted, "Is there some rule that dictates couples must be close and affectionate in pictures?"

The photographer shot her an odd look and pointed to their surroundings.

"Do we really need a rule? Take a look around. Is there another couple standing as far away as you two?"

Neera took a look around and noticed that every other couple was either embracing or holding hands. None stood out like them.

She choked on her words. Her cheeks turned redder. Embarrassed, she whispered to Jean, Maybe we should forget this?"

Jean lowered his gaze to meet hers. He noticed her embarrassment. A glint of amusement flashed through his eyes.

Then he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to him.

Neera was startled. She met his playful gaze when she looked up.

"She's shy," Jean said slowly to the photographer. "Can we take it this way?"

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub.

Her heart was pounding loudly and rapidly, as if it were about to leap out of her chest.

The photographer was satisfied. He said, "Yeah, that's more like it! Come on, look at the camera. You need to smile!"

Coincidentally, fireworks began to erupt behind them.

The photographer pressed the shutter and captured the moment. He continued to photograph them for the next thirty minutes without pausing.

When he finally stopped, he approached them excitedly.

"Oh my! You both look great on camera! These photos are perfect when combined with the scenery and my skills! See for yourself."

Neera and Jean leaned forward to examine the photographs. Indeed, these pictures were impressive.

Two images particularly stood out.

In one, Jean's eyes were fixed on Neera, emanating warmth and fondness. His gaze was burning, and it was sufficient to melt Neera.

The second picture depicted them side by side, with a backdrop of fireworks lighting up the night sky. Their gentle smiles towards the camera made the scene truly enchanting.

The more Neera examined the photographs, the more she appreciated them, silently acknowledging the photographer's skill.

Noticing Neera's appreciation, the photographer's confidence swelled. Puffing up his chest, he teased, "What do you think? I've got a knack for this, don't I?"

While Jean remained silent, the slight arch in his mouth said it all.

"We'll take all of them," Jean announced authoritatively.

The photographer was over the moon; dollar signs practically flashed in his eyes, and he quickly quoted a price.

Jean, being a big spender, completed the transaction using his phone.

The photographer showered Jean with compliments after he received the funds.

"Sir, you're undoubtedly the most generous client I've encountered! Clearly a successful man with charisma and grace And to top it off, you have such a stunning girlfriend. truly a man with a fulfilling life. You truly lead a life many would envy."

Jean was used to such flattery and usually ignored it, but for some reason, today's words struck a chord, and he felt particularly pleasant.

He glanced at his "girlfriend", his heart warmed, and his eyes filled with amusement.

Neera's body felt numb. Her cheeks felt hot, so she quickly changed the subject to, "When and how can we expect the photos?"

"Just give me an address," said the photographer quickly. "And I'll ensure they're delivered once printed."

Neera and Jean decided to leave after giving the hotel address because it was getting late.


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