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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 556

After they arrived at the hotel, Neera assumed Isabella and the kids would have arrived by now.

She discovered they hadn't arrived after inquiring at the front desk.

With concern growing, she dialed Isabella.

To her astonishment, Isabella sounded apologetic, saying, "Oh, don't wait for us. We won't be able to make it tonight."

"Why?" Neera was perplexed. "Isn't your car sent for repairs?"

Isabella explained, "Yes, but it wasn't just a simple fix. The car had been overdue for maintenance, and there are multiple issues to sort out. It's going to take a while. Given the hour, it's impractical for us to head over now. So, we won't be coming."

With a tone tinged with remorse, she added, "I truly apologize, Neera. I asked you out to have fun, but these unexpected hiccups occurred."

There's nothing one can do about sudden car troubles.

Helplessly, Neera sighed, "It's okay; we'll plan another outing next time. So, tonight…"

Knowing what she wanted to say, Isabella interrupted, "Don't worry, the kids are with me. I'll take care of them. You don't have to be worried about anything. Just relax and have fun. It would be a waste if you didn't use most of your coupon!"

Neera responded with a grunt. They exchanged a few more words before hanging up.

She turned around to find Jean patiently sitting on a sofa in the lounge area.

Their supposed group of six had shrunk to just the two of them. Neera couldn't think of anything to say.

Jean raised her head at that precise moment.

They locked eyes.

"Bell's car can't be fixed quickly," Neera relayed, "so they won't be coming."

Jean's face was expressionless when he heard this, but he had a feeling there was more to the story. Everything seemed too random.

At the same time, at a hotel located half a beach away.

Isabella was having fun with the triplets in the hot spring.

Her phone was placed by her side. She turned to the triplets and gestured with her chin, "How was my acting? Pretty good, right?"

The triplets, dressed in towels rolled into buns on both sides of their heads, splashed water and flattered her.

"You're so convincing, Godmother! I would have believed it if I hadn't been here!"

"I know you can do it! This is an incredible arrangement! You're fantastic!"

Isabella smirked, pleased with their compliments. "Of course! Why else would I be your godmother?"

Leisurely, she took a sip of her red wine before asking, "Why do you all insist on doing this? Are you attempting to pair Jean with your mother?"

The triplets nodded in unison.

"Don't you think they're a perfect match?"

Isabella frowned, recalling something from She said, "But I remember Jean's parents disapproving of this."

The triplets seemed perplexed.

"Disapproved? Why? Are you sure you didn't get it wrong?"

"I'm not," Isabella replied. "They've recently been pressuring your mother to leave Jean."


The triplets were taken aback because they had no idea. They jumped out of the hot spring and eagerly moved closer to Isabelle.

"When exactly did this happen?"


This revelation surprised the triplets. The trio fell silent, and their smiles faded.

Isabella regretted spilling the beans after seeing their reactions.

"Babies, you may like Jean, but his family is difficult to deal with. Though they require your mother to treat Jean, they will undoubtedly make things difficult for her afterward. Your mother adores you all and would never want you to suffer. You wouldn't want to see her in pain, would you?"

The triplets remained deafeningly silent.

After a long pause, Harvey tightened his grip and stated solemnly, "But we still want Mommy and Uncle Jean to be together. We have a secret to tell you."

"What secret?" Isabella inquired, intrigued.

Harvey revealed, after exchanging glances with his siblings, "Uncle Jean is our biological father!"

Isabella was stunned at first, as if she didn't understand what was going on.

Those words finally registered a few moments later. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

"How is that possible? Are you sure you didn't get it wrong?"

"No way!" Harvey immediately denied it, saying, "Before we returned, I conducted a secret investigation. He's our Daddy!"

Penny also testified, "Yes, Uncle Jean was the one who spent the night with Mommy in the hotel years ago!"

Harvey lost his cool and said, "This is the reason for us to try hard to match them up. Our family would be complete if Mommy and Daddy could be together."

Isabella was thunderstruck and had difficulty processing what had happened.

After taking some time to process the information, she asked, "Does your mommy know about this?"

The triplets looked dejected and shook their heads.



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