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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 557

Isabella sensed something was wrong after hearing this explanation.

"Darlings, I understand your longing for fatherly love and your desire for a family reunion. However, this is not a minor issue. You should have sought your mother's advice before making such decisions. It is not appropriate to act on your own.

"Additionally, she has always been upset about the past, particularly with the man who fathered you all. Even if that person is Jean, whom you adore, it does not follow that she would feel the same way."

She spoke tactfully, carefully selecting her words so as not to upset the children.

God knows how Neera would react if she discovered the truth about Jean.

"Besides, you can't just make assumptions based on a few clues and conclude that Jean is your father. Did you take the paternity test?"

That was a million-dollar question.

It surprised the triplets. Their expression turned blank and fell silent.

Isabella dawned on the whole situation. She asked, "You haven't done it yet, right? Then he might not be your biological father."

Penny becomes agitated when she hears those words. The little girl shouted out loudly, "Uncle Jean is so kind; it must be him!"

Isabella sighed, overcome with sympathy and annoyed by this.

"Only scientific proof can confirm this. I understand your feelings, but we must proceed with caution."

The children felt as if their enthusiasm had been met with a bucket of cold water. Their expressions were those of disappointment and tension.

They had already accepted Jean as their father, deep down.

When Daddy and Mommy are together, our family will be complete. Apart from that, we don't want anything else!

Isabella reflected on this. She couldn't bear seeing them upset in the end.

"This is what we can do. I can keep it a secret for you, but we need to do the paternity test first. Find a way to get a strand of Jean's hair once we return. I'll assist you with the test."

This suggestion lit up the triplets' eyes.

"Really? We know you are the best!"

"If Uncle Jean is our Daddy, could you help us bring Daddy and Mommy together?"

"According to our findings, Daddy did not intend to harm Mommy at the time. There must have been a misunderstanding. If they fall in love, this problem will be solved!"

Isabella was conflicted.

She was well aware of how difficult Neera and Jean's relationship would be. At this time, Beauvorts had tried everything they could to oppose them, and they could have come up with worse tricks.

But seeing the children yearning for fatherly love, she couldn't say no.

"Alright, but be prepared," she sighed helplessly. "It would be tough."

She eventually agreed, but she also warned them.

The triplets were unconcerned. They were beaming as they held her hand.

"Thank you so much, Godmother! Don't worry, we'll be by mommy's side no matter how difficult the road ahead!"

Most importantly, we believed Daddy would be there for Mommy.

The kids felt secure, especially after Isabella offered her assistance.

They'd find an opportunity to cut Jean's hair once they got home.

Neera and Jean had nothing to do at the hotel. They played chess and talked about work-related topics to pass the time.

After a while, Neera went to enjoy the hot springs.

There were wooden screens with intricately carved patterns all around the outdoor spring. The night sky was above.

Neera submerged herself up to her collarbone in the spring. She relaxed as she felt the warmth envelope her.

She leaned against the pool's edge, lost in thought, and gazed at the stars.

Today's events, I believe, are not by chance. Maybe Isabella and the kids are avoiding me on purpose to set me up with Jean?

When she remembered the trio's affection for Jean, she knew it was very possible.

I wonder if there is a possibility between me and Jean.

Lost in her thoughts, she soaked in the hot spring for a long time.

Long enough for Jean to realize there was something wrong. When he knocked on the door, she snapped out of her trance.

"Neera, are you still inside?"

Jean's familiar voice came through.

Neera regained her composure and said, "I'm here."

She was dizzy from the heat and tried to get out of the water by supporting her body with her hands.

She felt her head spinning halfway through and fell back into the pool.

The splashing sounds surprised Jean.

From the outside, he twisted his brows and inquired, "What happened?"

Neera's face was wet, with water drops hanging on her face.

She explained embarrassingly, "I...I think I soaked too long. My limbs are feeling weak."

Jean twisted his brows even more tightly. "I'm coming in," he said. "You can't stay in there for much longer."

His words jolted Neera out of her stupor. Before she could say anything, the door swung open, and Jean walked in.

Jean then strode toward her.


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