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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 560

Neera caught a glimpse of a familiar silhouette passing by in the distance. She was startled, questioning whether her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Jean followed where she was looking. All that he noticed were strangers.

He inquired, "What is it?"

"Nothing..." Neera murmured, "I thought I saw the kids."

Jean cracked up and teased, "Didn't you say they weren't here? Surely you have seen it wrongly."

Deep in thought, Neera grunted a little.

Jean looked at the time and changed the subject. He said, "Let's go. We should have lunch. Perhaps in the afternoon, we can visit the ocean-themed park."

Neera said as she turned to face him and grinned, "I'm surprised you're interested in going to a theme park. I thought you'd find it childish."

"Yes, it's childish," Jean affirmed with a serious nod.

He paused and added, "But we seldom have free time. We should take a quick tour of the area while we're here."

Other than that, having her beside him was all he needed. With her in his company, any location was ideal.

After lunch and a brief rest, they set off for the theme park.

The park was remarkably laid out, divided into several exhibition halls, each with its own distinct feature, particularly impressive was the underwater tunnel, with its transparent dome revealing the deep blue sea and colorful fish swimming by.

One could stroll in the world beneath the sea and experience the enriching yet mysterious marine life.

Neera spent the entire afternoon in awe and delight.

Every now and then, Jean would look stealthily at her. Neera's crescent-shaped eyes and smile also had an impact on him, providing him with unprecedented comfort.

The two were about to leave when they exited the last exhibition hall.

Yet Neera's gaze was caught by a shop, and she excitedly said, "Let's see what's in that shop!"

She gripped Jean's hand and dragged him along with her.

Jean glanced down at their intertwined fingers, unable to hide his grin.

Entering the store, Jean was overwhelmed with complicated feelings. The shop was filled with toys and mementos from the park.

For someone of Jean's stature, a powerful CEO, he felt a little out of place in this store.

"Look how adorable these are! Neera remarked. "The children would absolutely adore these."

Jean immediately thought of the triplets when she mentioned this. He smiled and remarked, "Why don't we grab a few for them as gifts?"

Neera shared his thoughts.

As a result, the two wandered through the display shelf. After browsing for a bit, they ended up purchasing several items.

Just when Neera was about to wrap up shopping, a jellyfish keychain grabbed her attention. She said excitedly, "Look at this! It's so adorable and looks lifelike!"

She approached and picked out a few in different hues. Holding up the keychain, she playfully waved them before Jean.

Even the overhead lights paled in comparison to her brilliant eyes.

Raising an eyebrow, Jean inquired, "You like that, do you? Then, go ahead and buy it."

Neera gave the keychains another look but eventually returned them to the display, saying, "On second thought, it seems too childish."

Jean, however, voiced a differing opinion, "So what? If it catches your eye, why not get it? Isn't it typical of all girls?"

Neera felt the urge to point out that she was now a mother to three kids and wasn't exactly a young girl anymore.

However, as she looked at Jean's handsome face, an idea popped into her head. She teased, "Why don't you get one as well? If you wear one too, I won't feel so childish."

Jean, as expected, wasn't keen on the suggestion.

After a moment of contemplation, he declined diplomatically, saying, "It's not really my style."

But Neera, undeterred by his reluctance, selected two keychains. She said determinedly, "It's on me. Think of it as a gift!"

Without waiting for his protest, she proceeded to the counter to make the purchase.

Jean contemplated intervening but realized it was too late.

Outside the store, Neera put one on herself, then handed the blue keychain to Jean.

He seemed hesitant, but almost instinctively, he extended his hand to accept it.

"Come on, attach it. Let's see how it looks!" Neera encouraged him, trying to stifle her giggles.

Jean shot her a helpless look. It was evident he wasn't exactly ecstatic about it, but he kept his thoughts to himself and obliged.

The keychain soon dangled from his keyring.

The sight of it stood in stark contrast to his stern demeanor, causing others to perceive him differently.

Neera, unable to restrain herself, erupted into a fit of laughter. She laughed so hard that she couldn't straighten her back.

Seeing her joy, Jean didn't seem to mind the joke.

Well, if this little trinket brought her such delight, then maybe it wasn't so annoying after all. Perhaps wearing it wasn't that terrible.

The triplets, who were hiding behind a tree, witnessed the event.

They were so excited that they nearly damaged the tree in their excitement.

"Godmother, you see it too, right? They're wonderful together. They belong with each other, don't they?"

Isabella, her eyes narrowing in agreement, responded, "Kids, you have good taste!"


That evening, after their meal, Neera and Jean chose to stay at the hotel.

They relaxed in the hotel's lounge bar.

While Neera sipped on a cocktail, Jean opted for a juice.

"This drink hardly feels alcoholic; it tastes more like a fruity beverage." She remarked, taking another gulp before offering, "It's really good. Want a taste?"

Jean just smiled, his eyes twinkling with mischief as he glanced at the glass.

Neera was initially perplexed, wondering what he was looking at. Then it dawned on her that she'd just drunk from that glass.

Slightly embarrassed, she chuckled and quickly said, "How about I get another one for you?"

But even before she could complete her sentence, Jean leaned in and took a sip from her glass.

Neera froze. Her face flushed as she realized his lips had touched where hers had been moments ago.

Isn't this an indirect kiss?


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