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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 561

Seeing Neera's flabbergasted face, Jean had to fight the urge to chuckle.

Yet he maintained his composure and remarked nonchalantly as if her reaction didn't faze him, saying, "It tastes really good."

Neera swallowed her surprise, eager to escape her mouth.

He didn't seem to mind it. If I mention it, I might come off as overly dramatic. Just let it go. Stop overanalyzing!

She mentally coached herself, then stiffly withdrew her hand.

"Yes, I'm glad you find it tasty."

She responded in a daze. Uncertain of what she was saying or ought to say. Quickly finishing her drink, she avoided meeting his eyes.

Jean saw that Neera looked awkward, and he couldn't contain his smile. He quickly hid his smile out of fear that she would notice it.

Half an hour later, the two called it a night and returned to their room.

The next morning, they packed their belongings and prepared to return home.

The photographer showed up when they checked out at the front desk.

He exclaimed, "Hey, your photos are ready. I had rushed it out and sent them over, worried I might be late! I'm relieved I managed to reach you in time!"

Neera thanked him and took the photos.

On their way back, she looked through the photos and thought they were great.

She occasionally showed them to Jean while they waited for the traffic light.

"The lighting in this photo is fantastic!"

"And this one, the fireworks are just amazing!"

"It appears that these are continuous shots. I like the angle."

She spoke animatedly.

While Jean listened quietly, he didn't find it bothersome.

However, he wasn't concerned about the lighting or the fireworks. What mattered to him was that these were their photos. The photos of the two of them

He was overjoyed when he realized this and took the initiative to call in for a few photos. "This one, this one, and this. These three are mine."

Neera had some reservations about his domineering assertions. Out of all the photos, he picked one of her favorites.

Given the steep price, she bit her lip and chose not to argue with him. After all, gifts blind the eyes.



Isabella had sent the triplets home ahead of schedule.

When Neera returned, they surrounded her and exclaimed, "Mommy, you're home! How was your vacation with Uncle Jean? Is it fun?"

"Sigh, I want to go too! I've been looking forward to it for a long time!"

"I'm so mad! It's a shame that all of my planning was for naught."

Neera took their words to heart. She gently pinched their cheeks and reassured them.

"It was fun. Don't worry, I'll take you next time."

She then lifted several gift bags and announced, "Look, we brought you gifts!"


The triplets were overjoyed and exclaimed incessantly. They loved everything, and their act was very convincing.

Neera was pleased when the kids looked so happy. She was in a good mood and did not suspect anything.


Next door, Jean summoned Ian when he got home. He commanded, "Frame these photos and put them up on the wall."

When he spoke, he casually placed the keys on the coffee table.

The photos initially drew Ian in, but then he noticed the jellyfish keychain. The discovery stunned him.

What's going on? Why would he use something so shocking?

Jean didn't notice at first. Then he saw Ian rooted to the side as though struck by lightning.

"Two days without seeing me, and you started to defy my order?" he asked, arching his brow.

That query jolted Ian back to reality. He quickly responded, "I'll get it done now."

Saying this, he darted away as if he had seen a ghost.

Jean didn't think much about it and quickly returned to work.

His morning was consumed with tasks until the afternoon, when he had a golfing meeting with an important client. He had to attend because he couldn't turn it down.

Meanwhile, the new research facility for Startales was underway.

Neera was keen on checking the progress at the site. So, in the afternoon, she and Katy set out for the biotech park.

The triplets, on the other hand, seemed to be playing in the garden but were actually keeping a close watch on the adults.

They still remembered their most important mission.

All they could think about was getting their hands on Jean's hair. Their opportunity had finally arrived after both of their parents had gone out.

"Harvey, what should we say when we go next door?"

Penny had never attempted anything like this before, making her feel a tad guilty.

Sammy, stroking his chin in thought, remarked, "We need an excuse, and we can't let Daddy find out."

Harvey quickly came up with a solution. He said, "How about saying Penny misplaced the necklace Mom gave her and we're checking next door to see if it's there?"

The trio decided on it because they thought it was a good excuse. They later went next door together.

"Mr. Butler, is Uncle Jean at home?"

Richard genuinely liked the kids. He greeted them with a big smile and replied, "Mr. Beauvort is not here. If you need something, you can tell me. Are you hungry or in need of help?"

Penny shook her head and looked upset.

"I can't find the necklace my mom gave me for my fourth birthday. Maybe I misplaced it here when I stayed over. Can I go in and look for it?"

Richard was unsuspicious. He allowed them to search, even rallying the staff to assist.

Harvey took advantage of the opportunity to go upstairs and search Jean's room for hair.

It was challenging, especially since Jean was a neat freak and his room was spotless.

Harvey finally found a strand in the bathroom after a long search. He was ecstatic.


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