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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 66

Jean did not say anything and bent down to get in as well.

On the way back, three of them remained silent. Neera quietly looked out the window, hoping to get home and end this odd night.

She felt cold and did not hold back a sneeze.

Ian immediately looked at the rearview mirror and asked, "Ms. Garcia, are you feeling cold? Do you need me to raise the temperature of the air conditioning?"

Neera rubbed her nose and replied, "It’s fine."

However, Ian still raised the temperature.

Jean looked at Neera because he thought he heard her sobbing.

Neera was rubbing her arms because she felt cold. Upon seeing that, Jean removed his coat and threw it to Neera.

Neera was stunned, subconsciously turning her head, but she only saw Jean’s unconcerned face. He was really… Jean clearly had good intentions, so why did he handle it so awkwardly? He didn't even say a word!

Neera skimmed her lips and picked up the coat.

"Thanks," Neera said. She could feel Jean's scent and lingering warmth on the coat. Her ears inexplicably warmed up.

Ian was stunned to see this scene. Mr. Beauvort had never allowed anyone to touch his things. And now he was actually giving his coat to Ms. Garcia. Has Mr. Beauvor changed and become gentler?

As Ian whispered, Jean coldly said, "Don't forget to wash it."

Ian was speechless. He knew it! Mr. Beauvor was still the same!

It was an illusion! Mr. Beauvor probably did not know how to be gentle.

Neera replied, "Of course, I will."

Jean did not respond. He calmly picked up a file from the side and read it silently.

The car fell back into silence.

A sudden chill ran through Neera, and she had a sudden bad feeling. After the surgery, her physical condition was not great.

Now, she felt a chill all over her body and was afraid she might catch a cold.

Neera tightened her coat and whispered, "Whenever she encountered Jean, it was never good!"

Twenty minutes later, the car finally stopped at her doorstep.

The rain had significantly lessened. Neera took the umbrella handed to her by Ian and stepped out of the car.

She did not want to be impolite. So she waved casually at Jean and said, "Thank you."

After that, she walked toward her house.

Jean frowned as he watched Neera leave. He noticed Neera was even tinier while wrapped in his coat.

After watching Neera enter her house, he retracted his gaze and returned home.

The triplets were waiting obediently in the living room when Neera returned home.

They immediately rushed over with their short legs and started to chatter.

"Mommy, how was it today? Did Uncle Jean send you back?"

"Was the concert enjoyable? Does Uncle Jean like it?"

"Mommy, did you properly thank Uncle Jean?"


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