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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 67

The triplets only noticed their Mommy was wearing a coat after they asked the questions.

This was definitely Daddy’s coat!

The triplets were pleasantly surprised after realizing it.

Mommy and Daddy had gone out together for the evening, and she was wearing his coat. If they go on more dates, We can openly call him daddy soon!

Harvey noticed Neera’s clothes seemed to be a little wet. He asked, "Mommy, are your clothes wet? Did you get caught in the rain?"

Neera nodded and said, "Yes, I do."

After Neera’s words, the triplets became worried and led her towards the stairs.

"Mommy, you have to take a hot shower quickly. Wearing wet clothes for too long can make you catch a cold!"

Neera was touched, nodded gently, and went upstairs for a hot shower.

Half an hour later, she came out of the bathroom wearing dry pajamas. She felt much more comfortable. She noticed that Jean’s coat was still hanging on the chair. After some hesitation, she carefully hung it on a hanger.

This coat was purely handmade and customized. The fabric, style, and workmanship are top-notch and exquisite. It must be very expensive.

Neera decided not to take any risks by washing it herself. Instead, she planned to take it to a laundry shop to avoid any accidents.

After tidying up, she went downstairs.

Seeing her come down, Penny hurriedly approached her with a cup of hot water and some medicine.

"Mommy, this is to prevent you from catching a cold. Please drink it quickly!"

Neera grabbed the cup and felt heartwarming.

"Thank you, Penny."

She thanked Penny softly and took the medicine. Harvey and Sammy were called over.

"Sit down, all three of you." She pointed to the sofa nearby and said:

The triplets obediently sat down in a row. They blinked their eyes at Neera with an adorable look.

"What's wrong, Mommy?"

Sammy smiled sweetly.

Neera pinched Sammy’s cheeks and said, "Stop acting cute; it won’t work. Tell me what happened tonight. Did you plan in advance to buy two tickets, invite Uncle Jean and me, and deliberately make us watch the concert alone?"

Of course, the triplets would not tell the truth and quickly shook their heads.

"Of course not, Mommy; how could you think that? I really wanted to thank Uncle Jean!"

Harvey was righteous and stern, as if he really had no other intentions.

Sammy said, "Yes, Mommy. Harbey is afraid that you won’t agree, so he had to do this. Don’t blame him!"

However, Neera did not believe them at all. She stared at the two of them silently.

Harvey felt a bit guilty and said, "Mommy, I'll be honest. I noticed that your relationship with Uncle Jean wasn't very good, so we tried to bring you two closer through this concert. After all, we'll be neighbors for a long time. You also need to treat him, right? But I genuinely had no other intentions, Mommy; please don't overthink!"

"Is that really the only reason?"

Neera felt somewhat relieved, but her suspicions still lingered.

Harvey nodded and said, "It’s real! We’ll never lie to you!"

Neera stared at him for a while and reluctantly believed him.

It was getting late, and she did not have much else to say, so she urged the triplets to go to bed.

The triplets turned away and smiled at each other.

Thankfully, we managed to deceive her!

Mommy was easy to fool!


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