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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 68

The next morning, Neera woke up feeling miserable.

She had caught a cold, and her throat was hoarse.

"Jean really bought me nothing except bad luck," Neera complained as she headed to the bathroom. She felt helpless as she saw her pale face in the mirror.

It was just a light rain, and the body reacted so severely. It was so weak!

Her head was drowsy, and she felt like continuing to sleep. However, she reluctantly woke up when she realized the triplets had not had breakfast yet.

The triplets woke up, dressed and tidied up by themselves, and gathered in the dining room.

"Good morning, Mommy!"

Neera brought over some milk and said, "Good morning."

Her hoarse voice immediately startled the triplets.

"Mommy, why do you look so bad? Your face and lips are pale. Are you sick?"

Harvey approached Neera and gestured for her to bend down. Neera felt helpless and complied.

Harvey placed his hand on Neera’s forehead and felt that it was hot. He frowned and said, "Mommy, you have a fever!"

Sammy and Penny came closer, worried.

Neera had noticed it earlier but thought she could handle it, so she did not pay much attention to it.

Neera said, "I’m okay. It’s not serious. I’ll take a good rest after breakfast. Don't worry, let's eat now."

Harvey was still worried after listening to her voice. He quickly grabbed the medicine and a cup of water.

"Mommy, after breakfast, take the medicine and rest."

Neera was heart-warmed after seeing their babies being so considerate.

After eating breakfast, she obediently took the medicine and went upstairs to rest.

However, her head was dizzy, and she could not get up by noon. The triplets did not disturb her. Instead, they took their pets to the yard to eat instant noodles.

Jean’s butler, Jeremy, was watering the flowers not far away when he noticed what had happened. He was surprised and asked, "Are you having instant noodles for lunch? Did Ms. Garcia not cook for you?"

The triplets shook their heads and said, "No, Mommy was sick. She’s resting now."

Sammy said, "Harvey actually knows how to cook. But Mommy rarely lets him do it because it's too dangerous, especially when she's not home. We don't want Mommy to worry, so we just eat this."

Jeremy gently said, "You're all good kids. Don't eat these instant noodles anymore; they're not nutritious or delicious. I'll send you some food in a while. Just wait here."

Jeremy knew Neera was treating Jean's illness, so he was very kind to the triplets.

The triplets smiled and thanked him.

Soon, Jeremy went back and instructed the servant to prepare extra food.

At that moment, Jean came downstairs and heard their conversation. He asked, "Where will you deliver the food?"

Jeremy explained to him what had happened.

Neera had only been caught in light rain, yet she actually caught a cold.

He pondered momentarily and said, "Just call them over to eat."

Jeremy was surprised but quickly nodded and went to call the triplets.


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